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The Instagram Kings πŸ‘‘

One company is crushing the IG Stories game. Find out how…

How to Sell on Instagram: How Kettlebell Kings Drives Leads and Sales

Wanna learn how one company generates 400-600 new leads per week from Instagram?

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t?

First things first. The company is called Kettlebell Kings. They make kettlebells (duh). For those of you playing along at home, here’s their Instagram.

Okay, let’s get into it. According to the co-founder of Kettlebell Kings, the company generates hundreds of thousands of dollars directly from Instagram.

They’ve done this by being insanely deliberate on the posts that go into their feed. They post educational content, workout examples, and embrace user-generated content (UGC). To collect UGC, The Kings πŸ‘‘ promote their branded hashtag #kettlebellkings, which has been used by their community over 20,000 times.

That last piece is crucial to their strategy…and is a great takeaway for everyone: embrace user-generated content.

When Kettlebell Kings use UGC, they’re really picky about it. They only use content that:

  • Features good use of their product
  • Shows proper form
  • Provides a ton of value to the viewer

They bring this all together in their IG Stories, where they post 10-12 times a day.

Here’s their exact formula to generating leads from IG Stories:

  1. Share engaging content to stories. Kettlebell Kings mostly use UGC in their stories. They also promote their stories in their feed posts by telling followers to “check out our Stories.” This approach helps to make sure that 10-15% of their followers watch their Stories.
  2. Include swipe up CTAs to drive traffic to a landing page. (You need over 10,000 followers for this feature). If one of their UGC stories is a workout, they add a CTA that says something like, “Want more workouts like this? Swipe up!”
  3. Grab the viewer’s email when they hit the landing page. Kettlebell Kings offers exclusive content that’s only available when the viewer submits their email address.
  4. Create custom email flows for each landing page. Different landing pages will attract different audiences. That means that the follow-up email flow needs to be different. The Kings don’t sell in their emails. They simply provide more value, additional workouts, and a whole lot more.

That’s all we’ve got time for, read the full post from Buffer πŸ‘‡

10 Killer E-Commerce Tactics to Add to Your Website

Stats comin’ at you at supersonic speed…

“Marketers personalizing their customers’ website experiences see approximately 19% uplift in sales.”

Holy pepperoni that’s one heck of an opportunity in our book. We’ll take a 19% increase all day.

Orbit Media says the key to consumer hearts and wallets is personalization and they have the solutions to get ya there.

Your first move is gaining the right insight. If you want to personalize your site then it only makes sense that you know who’s going to use it. To do this, use customer intelligence to make decisions on real-time, actionable insights. So…

  • Collect, store, and analyze large volumes of data
  • Convert data into actionable intelligence
  • Use intelligence to engage with users according to where they are in the customer lifecycle

Next is utilizing product recommendation strategies. Both easy and super effective, using a recommendation tactic shows that you care about the individual. Implement things like,

  • “You may also like” β€” think Amazon
  • “Customer’s also liked” β€” think Toys R Us
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell β€” think Best Buy

Another option involves omnichannel strategies. keep in mind omnichannel is customer focused that is meant to give a seamless brand experience to the customer at any time on any device. Can a customer come back later, or add something in their cart on mobile and finish the purchase on a desktop? If you just thought, “erm.. what now?” then look into the following:

  • Provide “Recently viewed items” option. but when you do this keep tabs on the entire buying lifecycle.
  • Or you can do something like, “Continue your search,” or “Resume your last session” to remind users of their activity and keep them engaged.

When in doubt, go with incentives. But you have to personalize incentives if you want to see real improvements. There’s a difference between the “10% off sitewide” and the “10% just for Amy”

  • The key? Orbitmedia says let artificial intelligence choose and present the best offer by what will most likely get conversions from a one on one basis.

Alrighty, we were able to run through about 7ish and there’s 10 total. So click through, crew!

Lamp 2

Way back in 2002, Ikea created an emotional ad about a lamp. The original “Lamp” ad is regarded as one of the best ads of the early 2000s. It was designed to make you feel bad for a lamp that was tossed in the garbage.

That ad finished by telling viewers not to feel bad for the discarded lamp. It’s a lamp. Throwing away old things, and buying new things, is much better.

Could you imagine if Ikea made that statement in 2018? They’d be put on blast for promoting unsustainability. There’d be riots. People might even burn Ikea furniture…

Well, Ikea revived the ad. But this time, they have a bit of a different ending. We suggest you watch the original ad first, and then watch the updated version πŸ‘‡

“Speaking and writing is a muscleβ€”you get better and stronger by flexing constantly.”

Ann Handley

Ads from the Past

What in the world was McD’s doing back in 1986? Razor blades and food generally don’t mix too well…


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