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5 Ideas You Can Use When Pitching Email Marketing to Your Clients

Just as a painter knows where to put a splotch of orange or splatter of blue on a canvas, marketers tend to know where they can fill a gap in a business’s marketing efforts. A little bit of blog SEO here, a touch of Facebook Ads there. Soon you’ll have the whole marketing landscape represented – complete with a few happy little accidents, of course.

When it comes to the marketing landscape, email is prime real estate. Here at Carney, we know a thing or two about email marketing if you catch our drift.

Today, Campaign Monitor is giving us 5 ideas you can use when pitching email marketing to your clients.

  • Offer statistics to prove that email marketing works. On average, email marketing turns every $1 you spend into a $42 return. That’s a pretty hefty ROI. Let your clients know it’s super scalable too. Email easily keeps up with a growing list of subscribers so you can build an enormous list.
  • Track the results from email marketing to connect results to specific campaigns. Show your client some email marketing reports to demonstrate just how granular the data is. Help them understand what it means and how it informs which tweaks should be made. Furthermore, talk about A/B testing and other tests you’ll use to keep iterating and improving for better results.
  • Manage email marketing with ease. There are plenty of excellent platforms to run email campaigns. There are some clunky ones too. Nothing is perfect, but finding the right platform will do wonders. Show your client how certain actions can be automated so they can spend more time on other important tasks.
  • Emphasize the flexibility of email marketing. Teach your clients just how granular you can get with segmentation. Want to send a promo to a frequent buyer? Targeting this segment is simple. Email marketing has all they’ll need to get the right message to the right people.

Keep reading for idea #5.

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