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The New Metrics

KPIs for social entertainment marketing.

The New Metrics for Social Entertainment

Users are turning to social media platforms for more than just connection—they’re here to be entertained. Vanity metrics such as likes and comments don’t mean as much as they used to.

Social entertainment marketing is the new focus for short-form video platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube shorts. Dash Hudson’s 2023 Social Media Benchmarks report offers these revisited KPIs:

  • Cross-channel engagement rate: See how each platform’s video’s engagement stacks up against the others.
  • Average reach (TikTok and Instagram): Measure the average number of unique accounts that see your post to understand your reach and brand awareness.
  • Retention rate (TikTok) and percentage viewed (YouTube): By measuring the average percentage of a selected video that people watched, you can begin to understand what tactics and content formats work best and where.
  • Average video views: This is the average number of views each video receives from a user. Users who rewatch your videos have a higher likelihood of remembering your brand.
  • Average growth rate: Keep a gauge on the average number of followers added to each platform monthly to better understand how you measure up to industry growth.
  • Average number of weekly posts: Compare your content calendar to the average number of posts that brands share per grouping and industry.

Check out Dash Hudson’s full report for more intel.

Smash or Pass 👍/ 👎

Instagram added the ability to post GIFs in comments. What do you think?


Loomly is an all-in-one, collaborative social media management tool that enables you to create, schedule, and auto-post your content to TikTok—which, as you might know, you can’t get everywhere. Make the switch if you’re sick of  your TikTok opps interrupting your social workflow.

The Daily Carnage on TikTok

We’re absolutely flame-grilling the worst Ads From The Past on TikTok — from the most tone-deaf and cringe to the concepts that are straight-up bananas. 🍌

Burger King Plant-Based

Life is Confusing

Burger King’s adorable new spot explores the burning existential questions of children:

Is a cookie jar still a cookie jar if there are no cookies in it? How can two moms both have World’s Best Mom mugs? Does Burger King’s plant-based meat count as a vegetable? 

If anything’s for certain, it’s that adults are just as confused.

Ads from the Past

Irwin Toys, 1949

Irwin Toys, 1949


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