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The Ones to Watch 👀

Content trends… and “Max.”

7 Content Trends to Watch

It’s Q2 2023 and we’re chatting with bots, posting lo-fi shorts, and migrating to GA4. Here are 7 growing content trends to keep a pulse on this year:

  1. AI. Google considers AI-generated content designed to manipulate search results spam, however AI assistance in content creation is allowed and on the rise (though it’s unclear just how Google detects AI systems).
  2. Short Video. YouTube, Instagram, and Meta launched video shorts to compete with TikTok, as brief clips have seen higher engagement, increased reach, and more probability of going viral.
  3. The Creator Economy.  Renewed competition among social platforms has placed a premium on TikTokers, Insta celebrities, and content creators for brand partnerships.
  4. Podcasting. Listenership has grown by nearly 30% in the last several years, opening up opportunities for brands to partner with influencers and connect with highly engaged niche communities.
  5. Personal Experience. The consumer demand for authenticity and individual thought leadership has grown, requiring brands and creators to be better storytellers to compete for exposure.
  6. Data. Prioritizing data-driven content—by leveraging machine learning technology and GA4’s enhanced metrics—will be key in the digital marketing space.
  7. Ease. Innovations that optimize user experience, like shoppable content, create seamless funnels and lead to higher conversion.

Dig a little deeper at Search Engine Journal.

Smash or Pass 👍/ 👎

What do you think of the HBO Max rebrand?

Max Logo

typedesk x ChatGPT

Select any text on your computer (like an email), and press a keyboard shortcut to rephrase, translate, or reply; activate your own custom prompts and variables; or select from typedesk’s template library. Welcome to the future, etc.

Heinz Double Sided

2 Lids Are Better Than 1

We told you about Heinz shaking up the ketchup bottle game with a packaging (and logo) design that goes both ways—upside down or right-side up. This video does a good job of creating a problem and convincing us that we’ve been suffering all along. …Until now.

Ads from the Past

White Castle, 1960s

White Castle, 1960s


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