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Your conversion rate can be living its best life with the right strategies.

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Conversion Rate Optimization: Top 10 Strategies for Success

Remember how painful cliffhangers were when your favorite show was only on the air once per week? Even when we have entire seasons at our fingertips on Netflix, cliffhangers prompt us to watch just one more episode. How else would you sleep if you don’t get to find what happens next? But who needs sleep when you have 4 more seasons to binge? 🤷‍♀️

Cliffhangers prompt you to do just what show creators want – tune in for more. It’s the same strategy we use to move people through the sales funnel. While you optimize your conversion rates for continued success, keep in mind these 10 strategies from G2.

  • The power of persuasion: creating a sense of urgency. Urgency drives action. People understand scarcity and try to avoid it when they can. Convey to your potential customers that your sale is ending soon or your stock is dropping to prompt action now rather than later. Fewer people will be willing to wait.
  • Making the most out of page elements. When someone lands on your site, it’s time to shine. A well-timed popup delivering a discount can help boost your conversion rate as will carefully placed CTAs. Try inserting your CTA in different places to see if people prefer it at the bottom or even closer to the middle of your page. Testing is the key, so test away.
  • Pictures speak a thousand words, videos – a million. A wall of text might intimidate visitors to your site. Include beautiful and purposeful images to break up the copy and deliver a pleasant experience. Stick to quality original videos. Videos go a few steps further than photos. They allow people to hear from real people and see people interacting with products they may be interested in.

Find 7 more strategies in the full article.

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We constantly need to challenge ourselves to improve. If we let things remain just as they are, how will we ever realize our full potential? Testing yourself is the key. Upcoming exam? Study and take practice tests to get the score you want. Trying to boost your conversion rate? Test and refine with Convertize.

This tool leads the charge on running tests for your site. You might have tried everything you can think of, but Convertize has so many more tests it can help you run on your website. Easily update your content, manage traffic during A/B tests, and try Lightning Mode so you’ll never have to worry about page load speed again.

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You have to stop doing what everyone else is doing. Listen to your gut, go in a new direction, do something you’ve never done before. Learn from the best. Success is yours if you go in your own direction.

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