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How to create content the best way plus a tool to make infographics.

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Content Mapping: The Best Way to Create the Right Content for the Right Customers

Content is too easily lost without a solid strategy backing it up. Not every fish will take the same bait, and your audience is no different.

People are in various buying stages and they should be met right where they are. Doing this will help you lead them where you want them. Helping us out today is CoSchedule with the best way to create the right content for the right customers.

Step One: Develop a Buyer Persona. This one comes up all the time because it’s so crucial. You must know who your target customer is before targeting them with your content. You probably wouldn’t gift someone gardening tools if they don’t have a garden.

Ensure you know who they are, then offer something of value. Ask yourself what qualities your customers share and what makes them search for the solution you offer.

Step Two: Master the Phases of the Marketing Funnel.

It all starts with TOFU (not the food.) We’re talking about top of the funnel. This is when your customer is problem-aware. In the middle of the funnel (MOFU), they’re solution-aware, and at the bottom (BOFU) they’re product-aware.

Align your content with these three stages so they fit the buyer’s journey. Think blog posts and website content for TOFU, email drip campaigns and webinars for MOFU, and product tutorials and customer success stories for BOFU.

Step Three: Map Out a Customer Buyer Journey. Time for writing it all out. Keep your thoughts and processes organized so you can repeat them without forgetting. For the three stages of the funnel, ask yourself…

  • what the buyer’s main goal is,
  • what questions they’ll need answered,
  • which decision-makers they’ll speak with,
  • what touchpoints they’ll have with you, and
  • what expectations they’ll have of you before moving to the next stage.

More pointed answers will make for better-targeted content. Continue reading for steps 4-7.

Displaying text, no matter how important, will only lure in so many people. Infographics, on the other hand, immediately capture attention and act as the perfect conduit for displaying information. lets you easily build out interesting, and more importantly, engaging infographics. 90% of the work is already done in the templates you choose. All you need is text, brand colors, and some icons, charts, or illustrations and you can publish right away or download in various formats.

Looking for an interesting podcast that puts competitive brands under the microscope. Think Uber versus Lyft, FedEx versus UPS, or Starbucks versus Dunkin.

Check out this series-like podcast called Business Wars for the “real story of what drives these companies to new heights — or to ruin.”

The Guitar

Everybody has their strengths. And where strengths are lacking, we have dreams. Perhaps you imagine wowing an audience with a complex dance routine or bamboozling spectators with a magic trick. Anything is possible.

Jula shows us an ad all about following your dreams. This amateur guitar builder just wants a shot at entertaining an audience around a campfire. Well, he’s putting his dreams into action and is well on his way there.

Ads from the Past

1959, Coca-Cola

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.”

Kami Huyse


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