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The Week That Was: Don Draper Edition

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TGIF, amirite!?

Remember ABC’s TGIF programming? Tell us this doesn’t bring you back. Life was a heck of a lot simpler back then. Maybe because we were so much younger…

ANYWHO, it is a Friday Daily Carnage so that means recap email! We’re featuring the most popular content from this week’s Carnage right here, right now.

Let’s get to it 👇

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Top 5 Posts of the Week

The 5 most clicked links in this week’s emails:

5) Stories May Be The Future of Facebook (& Your Social Media Marketing) (from IMPACT)

4) 3 Types of Action that Stir Up the Desire to Keep Reading Your Article (from Copyblogger)

3) Three Ways Content Marketers Can Optimize Marketing Performance with Data (from TopRank)

2) 5 Mental Models for Content Marketers (from Animalz)

1) 13 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Better Engagement (from Orbit Media)

Facebook Friday

What’s happening in our Facebook Group this week?

The most popular post of the week comes from Rodney Hess. He posted maybe the best subject line in the history of subject lines from Dollar Shave Club.

Bonus for you LinkedIn ads experts out there. Brittany Ruiz asks:

“LinkedIn Question: When doing lead gen ads, how do you determine your budget? I have zero experience with doing paid ads on LinkedIn and need any guidance you can give!”

If you have some good advice for her, smash the button below and let her know!

Five O'Clock Somewhere

It’s Friday…let’s kick off the weekend early. Here’s what we’ll be drinking tonight:

It’s still Fall for a few more weeks, so we’re sticking with a Fall-themed drink: a Maple Old Fashioned. It’s an update on the classic drink. But don’t worry, it’s only a small update so you can still look as cool as Don Draper. (No, no you can’t. No one can.)

Word of advice: the recipe recommends using 2 teaspoons of maple syrup. Use less. That’s a little too sweet for our taste.

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”

Don Draper

Ads from the Past


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