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The Wrong Idea

Copywriting tricks to avoid confusion.

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How to Write Negatives Into Positives

In a new study, researchers introduced participants to fake products intended to prevent harmful consequences, like a skin rash.

Counterintuitively, participants seemed unable to fully separate the products from the harmful side effects they prevented, resulting in negative attitudes.

How can copywriters make positive claims—like “Sunscreen prevents cancer”—overtly and subconsciously clear to customers?

  • Bold the verb. In this case, emphasizing “prevents” may reinforce the concept and visually distance the product from the negative word.
  • Use humor to add levity to the messaging.
  • Use more positive framing. Instead of “won’t damage skin,” opt for “gentle on skin.”

Check out these insights from Nick Kolenda.

Smash or Pass

The merged Jaguar Land Rover brand has a new logo and an abbreviated name. What do you think?

Jaguar Land Rover

Google Generative AI Learning Path

Google is offering a totally free learning path on Generative AI, featuring 9 courses exploring large language models, image generation, responsible AI, and tons more.

Sprite Icon's Delight

I Said A-Hip-Hop

Sprite is celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop in a new spot with Nas, Rakim, Latto and GloRilla—and a remixed “Rapper’s Delight.” Plus, a limited edition flavor: Sprite Lymonade Legacy.

Ads from the Past

Westinghouse, 1948

Westinghouse, 1948


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