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10 Brands Doing Gen Z Friendly Marketing on TikTok

Gen Z humor. Gen Z buying habits. Gen Z brand loyalty. Marketers can’t ignore these things when strategizing content, and we’re seeing more and more brands can’t afford to ignore TikTok. Adweek highlights 10 brands that are working TikTok in a way that appeals to Gen Z:

  1. Chipotle: They understand the consumers’ relationship with their burrito and bowl products, and use TikTok for storytelling.
  2. NBA: Their strategy is frequently posting exclusive, behind-the-scenes, and live content in the form of short stories.
  3. AriZona Beverages: C’mon. They have “Z” emphasized in their name and have a nuanced meme game.
  4. e.l.f. Cosmetics: Always seems ahead of the platform curve making a dedicated Twitch stream, creative TikTok challenges, and original audio.
  5. Ryanair: Airport culture is a mood and Ryanair uses it for content creation that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
  6. Maybelline: Queens of UGC, Maybelline has fun with their product marketing and challenges in a way that really engages Gen Zers.
  7. Aerie: They understand TikTok is all about short-form and real product demonstration.
  8. Walmart: They have honed in on lifestyle content and funny short-form content on products without getting too specific.
  9. Crumbl Cookies: Food porn and understanding when trends are no longer trending have done them good.
  10. Pattern Brands: Like hacks are done by plenty of TikTok creators, so this home improvement brand wanted to do it better.

We’ve seen a good mix of product-first marketing on TikTok but no matter what you do, you have to do it with personality. Check out the full Adweek article for detailed examples of these brands working it for Gen Z.

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It’s a Greens Party!

Health is wealth! Whoever said marketing is easy is a big fat liar and we’d like to have a word. Marketers, creators, developers, do-it-all-ers are prone to burnouts, often consider coffee a whole food group, and can treat their physical health as an afterthought. Earth Fed Muscle wants to make it better and give your nutrition a boost.

The Greens Party by Earth Fed Muscle is a plant-based powder of kale, spirulina, and wheatgrass with a flavor boost from mint, monk fruit, and ginger. This gut-friendly stuff can be put in EVERYTHING. Turn your smoothies and shakes into mean, green, lean machines! Or, as Caitlyn recently reviewed, “Day one this product helped my gut. It is definitely the best-tasting greens I’ve had. The mint flavor is welcomed!” Our favorite use, though, is making your own salad dressing by mixing this powerful powder in for a greens-on-greens party!

So go get your greens in and worry a little less about your nutrition with The Greens Party.

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Heavy Handed

There’s something about a hyperrealistic hand suit that makes this so entertaining. Kung Fu kicking their way back into the world, hands everywhere are grabbing deals on Groupon. It’s a clever ad that gets pulled off purely for the main character hand being so intense about hobbies and discounts. We feel that.

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1960, Samsonite

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