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Fixing Your Thin Content for Better SEO

Your website is essential for delivering information to your visitors and capturing new visitors based on its searchability. So then why are we still seeing thin, flimsy, weak af content out there? Let’s help ya out with ways to fix that.

What is thin content? Thin content is generally content that does not provide value to users. So either the quantity or quality (or worse, both) of your page’s content isn’t satisfactory. Common types of thin content include duplicate/repetitive website content, low-quality affiliate pages, and overwhelming pages with too many ads or popups.

How does thin content hurt SEO? Pages with thin content bring your overall website authority down, cannibalize keywords, or get deindexed. The simple solutions are to remove, improve, or consolidate. Let’s break that down a little more.

Top ways to fix and avoid thin content:

  1. Show that you’re a real company or brand. Your goal with your website is to show that you’re a real person behind a real company that values customers. Start with a well-written and optimized “About” page and showcase some of your real work.
  2. Use a clean, modern, usable website design. The design and colors of your website have a direct effect on the psychology and experience of your buyers.
  3. Always write original content that adds value. Original content is received better by your users (and by Google). It doesn’t always have to be entirely new information on the topic – just more helpful.
  4. Paraphrase content, but never plagiarize it. Google can detect plagiarized content – and isn’t happy about it when it finds it. Instead of directly copying anything, break it down into simpler terms or expand on it in more detail.
  5. Write 1000-1300 words on articles, 700 words on landing pages. The length by itself isn’t what makes you rank higher. So while 1000 words is not a magical number, in-depth content typically doesn’t happen without a higher word count.
  6. Redirect shallow pages with no traffic or duplicate content. After an analytical crackdown to identify pages that have no purpose or target keywords, you can decide what pages need to be upgraded or removed. BUT don’t just delete a page. Add a 301 Redirect to it, pointing the URL to the next most relevant page.

Check out the full post by Morning Score to get more tips on how to identify thin content and the full list of 13 ways to fix it.

Debate Time

Which pie is the superior Thanksgiving pie?

Big Note on Small Businesses

REMINDER: Small Business Saturday is on November 26th this year.


As we are about to be neck deep in one of the largest shopping seasons of the year, we wanted to take a moment to remember the locals out there making things happen for their shops and services.

Meet Honeycomb Credit:

They are an investment platform that connects growing small businesses with local investors. This year, they have  20+ small businesses with owners who are available to speak to about their business plans and are open to new investments.

Check it out to see how you can grow businesses in your area.

Beef Up Your Team

When you have the content, design, and technical support behind your brand, you don’t have to worry about having a weak website or ads without strategy.

Get the right partner with a team of strategists and artists to build your brand up above your competition. Let us know what you have planned for your next big launch, product, campaign, or brand dream.

Turkey Togetherness 🦃

Butterball has been one of the most popular turkey brands out there for years. Naturally, Thanksgiving is a chance for them to shine in the spotlight. For their holiday campaign, Butterball stuck to a feel-good, nostalgic ad that equates turkey time to togetherness. It features some traditions most of us have had over the years like the “kids table” and post-dinner card games.

Ads from the Past

1977, Butterball


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