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This is not suite!

Be in the Know

  • The future is electric. Tesla is launching a new home charging station. No need to risk getting shocked by pulling up the DIY electrical videos on YouTube. Just plug it in!
  • Yesterday it was Netflix, today it’s Google. E’rbody raising their prices. Google suite is going up $1-$2 per user depending on the edition you’re using.

Close More Deals with LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn is the MVP (Most Valuable Platform). If you’re posting pictures of what you did last night or pictures of your pets, you’re doing it wrong. Ain’t nobody finding value in that! Head over to Facebook for that ish.

Here are some quick stats on LinkedIn:

  • 277% more effective than any other social platform for B2B.
  • More than 80% of all B2B leads generated from social media come from LinkedIn.
  • There are 8.2 million C-level executives on LinkedIn.

That’s some compelling data right there.

So, how do you effectively use LinkedIn for closing deals?

  1. Connect: Who is your ideal client? What challenges do they face? Who is the decision maker? Go into the advanced search and find that person(s) based on your criteria. Make sure to create a search alert to receive new notifications. If you do connect with them, send a personalized note. Put some actual thought into it.
  2. Build Rapport: There’s no point in being a ‘connection troll’ on LinkedIn. If you’re going to put effort into connecting with folks, be ready to put some time into getting to know them. It’s no different than connecting with someone in real life. Show some interest in them by asking ‘appropriate and relevant’ questions.
  3. Give em’ what they need: We’re not in the pitching sales phase quite yet. Once you’ve built some rapport, it’s time to show your stuff. When it comes to sharing content, think about these questions: What are they interested in? What is important to them? What problems do they face? 

Alright, there are a few more tactics here, but that should give you enough to get your connect game on.

What’s Your Email?

Here’s a hybrid approach to the tactic above (👆🏼).

You found your ideal client and you want to reach out, but there’s no email address listed. Ain’t no thing. Head over to Hunter and download the free version. This will give you access to just about anyone’s work email. Hunter has been around for a minute, but it’s still a super valuable tool to take advantage of.

What we like: It’s generally spot on when you’re trying to find a specific person. There’s also a Google Chrome extension, which makes things super easy.

What we don’t like: We still have to write the email. JK, JK. That’s the fun part.

Go Ahead, Laugh

We featured a sad / happy video yesterday. Today, we’re going straight funny. If you never watched an episode of the Office, this might not do much for you. If you did, we guarantee at least one laugh.

Ads from the Past

How many of you still play CDs? Seriously, we wanna know.

Ad from 1991. Some standouts; R.E.M, Huey Lewis, and Bell Biv Devoe. Cue the 90s playlist on Spotify. #Inspired


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