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This Little Piggy Went to Market 🐷

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The Process for Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

Even for the most amazing product or service, a poorly-planned go-to-market strategy could cause it to flop. No one wants that! You have to introduce something and attract business with a game plan. That’s where a go-to-market (GTM) strategy is essential.

Here’s how to get it done with a GTM!

Qs before a go-to-market strategy:

  • Product-Market Fit: What problem(s) does your product solve?
  • Target Audience: Who is experiencing the problem that your product solves? How much are they willing to spend to solve it? What are their pain points?
  • Competition and Demand: Who already offers what you’re launching? Is the market oversaturated?
  • Distribution: How will you sell the product or service? 

Steps for a go-to-market strategy:

HubSpot’s article goes into 14 steps on building out a strong business plan. We wanted to cover the first half that focuses on breaking into markets with a product.

  1. Identify your buying groups and create some customer personas.
  2. Craft a value matrix to help identify messaging about your product.
  3. Test your messaging with a small advertising sample.
  4. Optimize your ads based on the results of these ads before scaling your marketing.
  5. Understand your buyer’s journey including how they could discover and consider your product.
  6. Choose a sales strategy that best fits your needs.
  7. Build brand awareness and demand generation with both inbound and outbound methods.
  8. Create content to get more organic inbound leads.

Once you get those steps handled first, you can begin to deep dive into your metrics to reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your conversion rates. While a GTM strategy isn’t guaranteed to prevent failure, it is a great start. Check out the full HubSpot article for more tips (and even handy dandy templates).

Q for You

When it comes to loyalty programs, what kind of reward do you appreciate the most?

Google Ads Report Template

Not all performance reports are built the same. A Google Ads report will often be focused on paid search performance, but it may also contain data and insights from display, video, local or call campaigns.

Share your most valuable Google Ads insights with this report template from NinjaCat! It’s complete with graphs, tables, and reporting sections to make it easy to follow.

This template can give a performance snapshot as well as a breakdown by campaign. Simply input the metrics you would like to show. Common metrics in a Google Ads report include impressions, clicks, cost-per-click (CPC), click-through rate (CTR), and conversions.

Check it out and see the rest of their free marketing report template gallery!

Building Brands 🔨

Strategy to a brand is like a blueprint to a building.


When it comes to your next project, you want to hire architects, designers, and builders that will get it done, and get it done right.

Carney is the agency behind The Daily Carnage. We stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends, updates, innovations, and practices so we can get your message in front of your audience in the most efficient and effective way.

Need to hire some builders? Let’s talk!

Right Where I Belong

Ready for some feel-goods (and maybe even some inspo to take a trip)? Vrbo’s latest ad uses a familiar, comforting Kermit the Frog song to show a home being used by families and friends. It’s charming and cute, but the song makes it.

Ads from the Past

1950, Oscar Mayer


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