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3 Tips to Improve Mobile Ad Creative Performance

An excellent mobile ad campaign captures attention and differentiates your brand in a crowded digital landscape. Try these 3 tips to drive performance:

  1. Utilize video to engaged targeted audiences. Globally, users spend 16 hours per week watching digital videos—and over half of consumers want more video content from familiar brands. Visual storytelling has a greater potential to establish emotional connections with your audience than traditional advertising.
  2. Captivate your audience with interactive rich media ads. Rich media ads yield higher engagement rates, conversions, click-throughs, and views. For example, a retargeted dynamic countdown can signal urgency to users about a sale ending soon.
  3. Drive action with interactive shoppable ads. Allowing users to make purchases and browse your products directly through an ad unit creates a seamless, one-click shopping experience.

Read more about how to enhance your mobile ad creative at The Drum.

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What do you think of the Gushers rebrand?

Gushers Rebrand 2023

GetResponse AI Email Generator

Here’s how it works: you enter the input (industry, intent, occasion, target audience), and the AI Email Generator creates an email draft—including body copy, optimized subject line, layout, images, and design. If you’re suspicious, you can trial the tool for free.



Made By Dyslexia is challenging us to empower “dyslexic thinking” in the workplace because, it turns out, some of the world’s most iconic innovators are dyslexic. This campaign lets AI speak for itself: it can’t arrive at the Mona Lisa or the Model T or the Apple iPhone. But it can be a powerful assistant to move business forward.

Ads from the Past

Star Wars 1977

Star Wars, 1977


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