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To Shopify or Not?

That is the question.

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Shopify vs. WordPress for Ecommerce

Looking for an ecommerce platform?

Shopify is an “out-of-the-box”  option meant for users who don’t necessarily have the skills to build an ecommerce site from scratch.


  • …manages web hosting for you.
  • …provides you with a setup guide to get your shop up and running.
  • …has a dedicated support team you can reach through chat or by phone.
  • …allows you to build an attractive, mobile-friendly site without coding skills
  • …gives you the option to buy your domain directly through the platform.
  • …makes it easy to sell through Amazon and TikTok.

That said, if you’re looking for a more flexible platform that is robust enough to scale with you as you grow, you should consider WordPress.


  • …lets you customize your site with thousands of available plugins.
  • …gives you full control over your hosting provider and plugins.
  • …gives you more control over your searchability in SERPs.
  • …lets you translate your sites into unlimited languages and currencies.
  • …lets you set up multiple sites under one account.

Check out SEMRush for a full side-by-side comparison of Shopify and WordPress.

Q for You

Choose your fighter: Shopify or WordPress?


“Sorry, we made some updates: <BrandGuidelines_FINALFINAL_v5.pdf> is the correct version.”

If you’re still sharing brand guidelines in PDF form, check out Standards. This platform lets you design and publish your guidelines as a website, which you can edit in real time. You can add team members and clients, reuse modular components across clients, add animations, and more. Also, NASA uses it.

Liquid Death 2023

Back Up

Is everyone at Liquid Death okay? The boundary-stretching canned water brand is back with a little experiment to test if people prefer the taste of Liquid Death to back sweat. And yeah, they do… so now you have that information.

Ads from the Past

Boston, 1860s

Boston, 1860s


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