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Too Long, Didn’t Reel.

Instagram keeps changing up on us, so make sure you’re up to date on the latest stats.

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Don’t Miss the 2022 Instagram Engagement Report

Mention & Hubspot’s Instagram Engagement Report is back. Optimize your Instagram marketing activity in 2022 thanks to hundreds of data points, trends and insights collected from analyzing 110+ million Instagram posts.

While the report data is based on global Instagram users, it also goes in depth to uncover some surprising regional trends in North America, the UK and Ireland.

These metrics provide actionable insights to organizations of all sizes and types in order to better reach, interact with, and grow your Instagram audiences.

Uncover in the report:

  • The State of Instagram in 2022 📷  
    Which users and industries are on top
  • Instagram Follower & Engagement Benchmarks 🥇
    See how you stack up against the rest
  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Posts 📈
    Which formats, caption length and hashtags to use to improve your chances of engagement
  • Tips to Time Your Posts Right ⏰
    The best time and day to post, depending on your location
  • How to Engage with a Global Audience 🌍
    Where Instagram users are based in the world and how engagement trends differ across regions

Get your copy of the report while it’s hot over at Hubspot to get all of these insights and more.

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What's your video conference tool of choice?

VistaCreate for TikTok & Reels

Reels and TikToks are now essential content to nearly every single brand’s strategy. But making them can be time consuming, confusing, and clunky. VistaCreate provides an editor that comes with a large library of beautiful templates, graphics, fonts, and stock images. While there are a lot of free options for individuals, the pro account also allows teams to collaborate on videos,  save your branding for consistent edits, and provides unlimited file storage.

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Bubble Gum Pop Music?

Many people experience annoyance, disgust, or even anger when hearing someone chewing. So what happens when you make music inspired by chewing gum? The results are pretty catchy.

Trident and R&B singer Chlöe made a song as part of the new #ChewTheVibes Challenge. The music video features Trident Vibes Sour Patch Kids gum (of course that means cute little gummy guys are dancing in the video). It’s visually colorful and fun, but if you don’t like to even see someone chewing…this video is not for you.

Ads from the Past

1971, Johnson & Johnson


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