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Traffic Control Freak

and why binge-watching TV is good for you

Traffic Control Freak

Stumbled across the Marketing Secrets Podcast this morning (Originally called “Marketing in Your Car“) and totally judged Russel Brunson due to his open-collared baggy club shirt and consistent overuse of the term “Click Funnels”, but he referenced Gary Vee and we decided to give him a shot.

After the initial not-so-subtle sales pitch, he does highlight a valuable point: The need to understand the difference between controlled traffic, owned traffic, and uncontrolled traffic.

  • Controlled Traffic: Zuck owns Facebook but you can buy an ad and control traffic coming from Facebook to your website.
  • Owned Traffic: You drive people from a controlled traffic source to an email capture on a landing page. Now the traffic from your email list becomes owned traffic.
  • Uncontrolled Traffic: SEO, PR, etc.

Key Takeaway: Brunson discusses how you can leverage your email list to organically promote and amplify content on platforms like Youtube where technically you don’t own the traffic.

Tune in around 12 minutes, get the goods, and bounce!

Binge-Watching TV IS Good For You

…Well, when you’re watching the right show, at least. We got lucky when we stumbled upon today’s Read, which is all about one of our favorite (and def binged) shows, Silicon Valley. Starring a group of IT entrepreneurs who launch a startup, the series highlights realistic character flaws and their successes and failures along the way. Cue: laughs and HBO’s signature crude dialogue. It’s so much more than a comedy, though. These things totally can and do happen IRL.

That’s where “10 Lessons Digital Marketers Can Learn From HBO’s Silicon Valley” comes in. The lessons listed may seem pretty obvious (like, please don’t make enemies, ya’ll), but examined through the lens of a popular series, they remind us that mindless entertainment doesn’t have to be mindless.

  1. Being flexible is a huge asset.
  2. Don’t burn bridges or make enemies.
  3. Don’t overlook legalities
  4. Be careful of shameless publicity
  5. Building a brand is a process
  6. Embrace mistakes (and learn from them)
  7. Strive for a healthy work/life balance
  8. Stay focused on your ultimate goal
  9. Quality is key
  10. Make the right hires

A Video About…Video

Listen up! If you’re not creating videos for your social media channels (we’re talking about Facebook), you’re missing out on a boatload of traffic. Facebook’s algorithm automatically gives a better organic reach to videos published on the platform. Why aren’t you doing it yet?

Seriously, stop reading this and start now.

Just kidding, keep reading this because it will help you get started with creating videos for social media with only your phone.

Today’s Watch is super short (only 2 minutes) but you’ll learn 4 quick tips to creating engaging video. Here are all 4:

  1. Get yourself a tripod
  2. You need a quality microphone
  3. Pay attention to lighting. Seriously, this can make or break your video
  4. Find interesting topics with Google Analytics and a little bit of competitor creepin’

Bonus tip that’s not in the video: 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound. Use subtitles on your sweet new vid.

“If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won”
Wu Tang Clan

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