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Tricks of the (Social) Trade

Tricks for engaging social media content, and your thoughts on certifications.

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Do you feel having a social media certificate adds to your professional credibility more than years of experience?

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10 Simple Tips and Tropes for Writing Engaging Social Media Copy

Y’all, who isn’t on social media these days? For real though, with everybody scrolling nonstop all day long, how do you ensure you’re continuously producing engaging content?

MarketingProfs is providing pointers today with 10 simple tips and tropes for writing engaging social media copy.

First off, how can we offer value? Some folks browse Instagram for memes and laughs. Others check LinkedIn for professional development opportunities. Regardless of content type, look for a balance of being helpful, piquing interest, sharing knowledge, and being authentic.

  • Pull a quote directly from the article you’re sharing. People love previews. Plus, sharing highpoints can increase click-through-rate and encourage discussion. Highlight and share what jumps out at you.
  • Turn on all-caps and put the outburst tactic to use. Not every post needs a lengthy paragraph. Find something you agree or disagree with and share it with a quick caption like “TRUTH,” “THIS,” or “NO”.
  • Don’t be afraid to reference your feelings. Tapping into emotion allows your brand or content to become personable or relatable. Use phrases like #tfw aka #thatfeelingwhen, or “sometimes an article hits you square between the eyes.”
  • Give a general reason the article is helpful to read. Frankly, people have so many things they can do with their time. Tell them upfront about why it will be valuable. For example, “This piece includes insights for paid search specialists looking to expand their reach.”
  • Ask a question. Sometimes a question is the answer. People will try answering questions when asked, so ask away or create a poll you believe will spark some discussion. You can even use the responses for future content.

We could only hit half of these tips and tropes, so don’t miss the other five.


Reviews are highly valuable for businesses and can provide a real boost to new customers. And as we learned last week, reviews can pop up just about anywhere from social media platforms like Google My Business and Facebook to specific platforms like Yelp and more.

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Let visitors see reviews aggregated across various review sites. You can respond to reviews with templates built with customer service in mind. Podium integrates into your existing platforms and you can even send automated review invites.

Check out Podium and watch the reviews flood in.

Allie wants to know, “Hey carnies! In your opinion, what are some of the best/essential online courses or certifications a marketer should have?…”

Help Allie out and join the discussion with your recommendations inside our Facebook Group. Plus, here are a handful of social media marketing certifications both free and paid to ramp up your skills.

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“Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.”

Cory Doctorow


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