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A Very Happy Unconference

SEO and content are collaborating + something called an unconference.

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SEO and Content Marketing: How to Combine Them Effectively to Achieve Results

Sometimes we’re in content marketing mode and other times we’re in SEO mode. The pair work best when complementing each other. Really though, content is the peanut butter to SEO’s jelly sandwich...

Getting back on track – SEO doesn’t just work all by itself. It needs content so search queries can match up with keywords. Not any content will do, however. High-quality content is a must. Your content must provide solutions or entertainment and be enjoyable for your audience.

SEMrush is breaking down how to combine SEO and content marketing effectively to achieve results.

Design Your Content with Search Engines in Mind

Do not think of content as a keyword dump. We’re way past those days, so keep in mind how a search engine works. Get specific with your marketing content so search engines know where it fits. Break up different topics into different posts for a more focused experience.

Keep Up with Continual Content

Search engines like seeing frequent publishing. This indicates you’re posting about relevant topics and your content is not dormant. If you don’t already have a content calendar, then create one so you can stay on top of your content. New content creates additional avenues for traffic since you’re building up more keywords and constantly covering new topics.

Evaluate the Value of Your Links

SEO will help you determine which “neighborhoods” fit your content best. As your content moves higher on SERPs, you’ll notice more backlinks. When these backlinks start coming from more reputable sites, your pages’ rankings will be rewarded.

SEO is an integral part of a successful content plan. You must know your audience as well as your topics, and determine an overall strategy while optimizing your content for search. Dive into the full article for more info from SEMrush.


Checking your backlinks manually takes up lots of precious time and would require so much attention as the entire web keeps updating. When you’re looking for an overview of all your backlinks, Linkody delivers with ease.

Receive notifications when new links appear and existing ones disappear. Use the disavow tool so you can identify harmful backlinks and generate a disavow file you can upload to Google. You can even set up a daily overview you’ll receive in your email so you can stay on top of all your backlinks.

Virtual Webmaster Unconference 2020

Google is gearing up for its first-ever Virtual Webmaster Unconference on August 26th at 8:00 AM PDT. It’s not a conference, because the topics and discussions will be chosen by you! Spots are limited, so be sure you select your preferred topics by August 19th. If you make it to this unconference, you can expect to participate via Google Meet.


Movie trailers are designed to keep us on the edge of our seat. We see brief glimpses into key elements of the movie and the payoff really only comes when we see the full film. But what if there is no full film and the trailer is actually fake?

United Nations released this fake movie trailer knowing that some may never know the difference. It all boils down to literacy and the 630,000+ Australians who are below proficient literacy levels. Unlike the short ads accompanying this video, this illiteracy problem can’t simply be skipped over.

Ads from the Past

1969, Plymouth

“Not enough talk about the importance of brand in email. Customers don’t sign up for email – they sign up for your brand.”

Bob Frady


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