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 Apple Intelligence: every new feature coming to iPhone and Mac.

📃 The Adobe controversy, clarified: it will never own your work or use it for AI training.

📱 This is the world’s first phone call made using spatial audio.

💰 According to eBay, nearly 90% of consumers bought or sold used items in the last year.

😽 Instagram’s virtual pets will change in appearance based on how many likes a post gets.

🎵 The new “My Spotify” campaign includes digital, social, OOH, and in-app experiences.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: “A blueprint for the original telephone.”

How To Run UX Research Without Access To Users

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How are you supposed to conduct UX research with zero or limited access to users? Here are some workarounds to better understand pain points:

  • Ask for reasons. There might be no good reason you can’t have access to users.
  • Find colleagues who are closest to your customers. Befriend your customer success and sales teams. Since many products are subscription-based, these folks are tasked with maintaining customer relationships over time. They get your customers and their needs. Talk to these colleagues, shadow them, and listen in on customer calls.
  • Do some homework. Dig in to analytics, CRM reports, and call center logs. Google Trends can help you find product-related search queries, too. Search logs, Jira backlogs, and support tickets. Study reviews, discussions, and comments. Map key themes and user sentiment on TrustPilot, AppStore, etc. Recruit users via UserTesting, Maze, UserInterviews, etc.
  • Make a case for UX research. Sometimes stakeholders lack the time and resources to grant you access to users, or they’re working with privacy regulations, or they just don’t trust you. Explain that you’ll only need 5 users × 30 minutes once a month to get started, and that design without research is merely guesswork.

Check out the full post at Smashing Magazine.

Q for You

As an advertiser, how do you feel about the potential for unskippable ads in the Instagram feed?


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Lark is an all-in-one productivity super-app for chat, meetings, docs, and projects.

It can do email, approvals, calendars, video-conferencing, meeting minutes, rooms, webinars, wikis, messenger, and any integration you can think of—so you can streamline your biz workflow without paying for a dozen SaaS tools.

FYI: The starter plan is pretty comprehensive for small teams, too, accommodating up to 50 users.


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Just Add Cran

Just Add Cran

Wake up fam, a new Ocean Spray farmer character just dropped.

Johnny is the “straight-shooter” cousin to the endearing duo we know and love, and he features in 3 new spots for the brand’s “Just Add Cran” campaign.

Ads from the Past

Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps, 1987

Rumple Minze Peppermint Schnapps, 1987


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