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Visualize Your Business Model In 15 Minutes Flat

Even within an organization, business models can seem hazy.

Duolingo’s Growth Strategy

Have you heard of Duolingo? It’s the most downloaded education app in the world, with over 170 million users. (It’s also a Pittsburgh-based startup, so we’ve got a soft spot for it.) Basically, Duolingo is huge.

But, as you’d expect, you don’t build an incredibly popular app overnight.

Today’s Listen is going to give you a peek into Duolingo’s growth and marketing strategy. Gina Gotthilf, the VP of Growth & Marketing at Duolingo, talks about how they’ve built a huge app with a limited budget and not paying for advertising. Their user base has been built organically, but scientifically.

Manifesto Marketing Makes Transformational Brands

These days, clever marketing just doesn’t cut it. Consumers need more — people don’t buy what you sell, they buy why you sell it, how you sell it, what you believe, and how you operate as a corporate citizen of this country.

Take Chipotle, for instance. Their Back to the Start campaign “took viewers through one farmer’s change of heart, from running a huge industrialized farming compound to one with more sustainable and humane practices.” It did better than even Chipotle execs could have ever imagined.

Consumers will demand companies to take a stand on major cultural and political issues, in addition to providing truly transformational products and services, in exchange for their mindshare, spend, loyalty and brand love. Climb aboard — this inspiration-fueled marketing train shows no signs of stopping.

Visualize Your Business Model In 15 Minutes Flat

When companies try to communicate their business models, they tend to make it difficult for the consumer to understand. This results in a total disconnect.

Surprisingly, even within an organization, the business model can get hazy.

In today’s video, Tom Hulme makes it super easy to visualize your business model and, therefore, clearly articulate it to others.

Plus: Tom has a cool accent and really nice hair.

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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