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Wait, what day is it?📅

This Weggsday, we’re diving into tips on digital promotion!

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20+ Killer Tips to Promote Your Online Store

Every so often we come across resources littered with actionable tips. This is one of those times.

With the help of Sendpulse, we’re learning about effective strategies to promote an online store using SEO, Facebook, Google, Email, and even TikTok. Grab your bathing suit cause we’re diving in!

  • SEO TIP: The window into a page, the title tags and meta descriptions should be precise, understandable, and natural. Make each unique and focus on what the user might type into a search box.
  • SEO TIP: Get images web site ready. Do this by using an alt tag within the image code. This makes the image comprehensible for a search robot. Also, optimize for load speed by compressing images and using the jpeg file format.
  • Facebook TIP: Take time to prepare your ad campaigns with these essential steps – 1. Create a Business Page that offers necessary details like contact info, shipping terms, etc. 2. Get your pixel set up. 3. If you sell physical items, create a Facebook Page Shop.
  • Facebook TIP: The fewer steps customers need to take, the higher chance they will make a purchase. Shorten the buying process by adding prices right in the posts, use Shoppable tags on IG, or add payment options right on your social media page, or Messenger chatbot.
  • Google TIP: Take advantage of Google Display ads to spread awareness to a larger audience. Display ads allow you to launch text ads, add media, and use interactive elements to warm up an audience through different channels.
  • Google TIP: Add your goods to Google’s Merchant Center and let users see all there is to know about your store. Merchant Center gets your product info like prices and availability into Google.

We just scratched the surface. Read on for more tips to amp up your online store.

Think with Google: Youtube Audience Finder

Think with Google has a few tools to assist you in marketing and business endeavors. Our focus will be on the Find My Audience tool.

Once signed in, Find My Audience can help ya discover new audiences and learn how to cater to them with relevant messages on Youtube.

  • Identify a new audience based on interests, habits, and what they’re planning to purchase.
  • Get an audience profile with insights to help inform your video ad strategy.
  • Start a YouTube campaign that reaches people who matter most to your business.

Stories and conversations about the queer experience today. Prepare to laugh and cry and laugh again.

Wednesday is Officially Weggsday

Ever hear an egg sing? You will soon. Wednesday is taking on a new name thanks to The American Egg Board and they’re singing about it.

To reignite interest in the classic breakfast (….and lunch, dinner, snack, etc), the AEB brings us an animated, singing egg offering plenty of ways to enjoy… well eggs! Good luck keeping this catchy tune from sticking in your head.

So long Hump Day. Hello Weggsday.

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1958, Beech-Nut Gum

“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”

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