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We slept in

thanks, daylight savings…

Be in the Know

  • The guessing game is over. Kind of. Twitter released a new feature allowing users to determine the best time to post based on engagement.
  • Show of hands (or replies). Apparently, a new report is claiming that over a quarter of U.S. adults own a smart speaker. Do you own a smart speaker? We’re conducting our own research. Reply ‘YES’ if you own one.

To Thumbnail or Not to Thumbnail…

Let’s brush off the weekend dust and jump into the weeds. Today, we’re talking about Facebook video thumbnails.

Many marketers neglect the thumbnail and take the easy route with a randomly generated clip. If that’s you, pay close attention.

The fine folks at AdEspresso invested $1k to run an ad experiment split testing thumbnails.

The Deets:

The goal was to get installs of a Google Chrome extension through a conversion campaign. One ad per adset and $25 per adset per day. Say that 5x fast.

4 thumbnail images were used; a human photo (with and without text), and a cartoon style graphic (with and without text).

Here’s what they found out:

The human photo without text performed the best followed by the human photo with text. The thumbnail image had a 2X difference on CPA.

The takeaway:

If you spend any time with Facebook ads, you understand that it’s an increasingly dynamic environment. While the human thumbnail worked best for this campaign, it may not translate to your ad.

We’ll leave you with this:

Don’t neglect the importance of thumbnails in your ads. If you are using thumbnails, make sure you’re split testing.

Is it Readable?

Picture this.

It’s Sunday night, daylight savings kicked in and you’re exhausted, but…

you need to get an email out to your favorite people (ya, we’re talking about you).

Enter Hemingway App. This beneficial web-based application makes your writing bold and clear by checking your grammar and ranking readability.

What we like: Simple and intuitive to use. It helps you communicate better.

What we don’t like: No complaints.

Mind Blown

Ready for the Fyre Festival of Silicon Valley? That’s all we’re saying. Watch the trailer below.

Ads from the Past

Michael Scott for Safety-Kleen. 1988.


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