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So we’re flipping the script a little today…

DIY SEO: 9 Powerful Techniques

Ew, another SEO article? Yup. We had to because SEO is pretty dang important. If you care about organic traffic to your website (or your client’s), you gotta pay attention to today’s Listen.

Brian Dean, the SEO superhero, breaks down 9 SEO techniques that you can use. The best part? All of his techniques don’t require any crazy technical know-how. With just a little effort, you’ll be shooting up the results page in no time. And you know what that means? Higher rankings = more traffic = more money. You can take Brian’s advice directly to the bank (not really).

The floor is yours, Brian…

  • (1:16) The top-ranked pages tend to use one of these 7 words in their title tags: Best, News, Reviews, Top, Guide, Information, or Community
  • (2:10) Find long tail keywords with “Searches related to…” You usually see this at the bottom of the search results page. Type in your keyword, look at the related searches, and create content around those searches.
  • (2:42) Use untapped sources for suggested keywords. Go to  YouTube, Wikipedia, Bing, and Amazon, and type in your keywords into the search bar. But, don’t hit enter. Take a look at the auto-complete options for your keyword. Those auto-completes can be new blog topics.
  • (3:32) Reduce your bounce rates already!
  • (5:37) Build backlinks from “link roundups.” Find link roundups in your industry and ask them to link to your content. Use this Google search command: “Keyword” + “link roundup” or “keyword” + “best of”. Then, reach out to those websites and tell them about your content!
  • (6:36) An example of a link building email that works.
  • (9:07) Google your target keywords. If the results page has a ton of rich features (like videos, news, knowledge graphs, snippets, etc), don’t target that keyword. You’re less likely to get clicks regardless of search volume.

You might notice today’s Listen takes you to a YouTube video. You’re probably asking yourself, “Is this Listen actually a video?” Yes. Do we care? Nah, it’s too good. We wild.

9 Ways Your Brand is Wasting Time on Facebook

And we don’t mean just mindlessly scrolling through your personal newsfeed…your business can waste serious time, too, and when it does, it’ll cost ya more than those lost minutes or hours.

Facebook’s 2 billion monthly active users feels like old news at this point, but did you know that 40% of those active users have never even liked a Facebook page? How about that organic reach for branded Facebook pages is just 2% on average? Or that brands post an average of 8 times per day on FB?

What we’re getting at with these 2017 marketing statistics is this: your business can’t afford to waste time on Facebook, lest you be lost deeper in the noise…

That’s why we’re sharing today’s Read from Hootsuite—a list of ways brands might be mismanaging productivity on Facebook. After all, when we see these mistakes up close and personal, it’s easier to avoid them. Pret-ty wise, Hootsuite.

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Creating overly promotional content. You’ve probably heard this one before, but FB’s algorithm favors posts that aren’t too promotional. Helpful and shareable content has a higher likelihood of being seen by a bigger audience.
  2. Republishing content without reformatting. It may seem like a time-saving technique to automatically post the same update to multiple networks, but it might cost you reach on both.
  3. Liking irresponsibly…You don’t want visitors to your Page to see brands you wouldn’t necessarily endorse as a business.
  4. Skipping A/B tests for your Facebook ads. Facebook allows businesses to run similar ads simultaneously to see which ad performs better. Change up the text, visuals, format, call-to-action, hashtags, and target audience.
  5. Reposting videos from external sources. Videos that are uploaded natively on Facebook get about 110 percent more interactions, and 611 percent more shares!
  6. Not completing your About page. How many of you have a detailed about section? Come to think of it… our’s could use a little help… If you don’t include all the necessary information about your company on your page, you risk creating confusion among those who turn to that social account for details about your business

More helpful examples and insights ahead →

The World is Watching

Today’s ad for Christie’snotable British auction house, is hitting us with the goosebumps by way of a lost Leonardo da Vinci painting. But, without ever showing it.

Instead, Droga5 worked with portrait photographer Nadav Kander to place a hidden camera beneath the painting, known as Salvator Mundi. It has been confirmed over the last decade as a work by da Vinci and, and is considered, as Christie’s refers to it, “one of the greatest and most unexpected artistic rediscoveries of the 21st century.” It’s expected to sell for over $100M…

People of all walks of life (you’ll even see a few famous faces) come to view the sublime, unearthed painting. Meanwhile, the hidden camera captures their deep reactions to it, some moved to tears.

In Droga5’s words, the videos itself paints “a picture of the overwhelming emotion that this painting, its beauty and its divine subject matter, stirred in all who came to see it.”

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

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