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4 Trends to Expect for Spring 2021 Fundraising Campaigns

Y’all ready for some spring cleaning? Yes, it’s time to part with those beloved socks that allow your big toes to peek out and say hello. And you may not want to hear it, but your Christmas poinsettias are ready for a new life in the compost bin. Spring holds so much promise, and some changes are needed.

New campaigns are probably in the works for you as well. Say goodbye to things that haven’t worked in the past, because it’s a new day and a new opportunity to refine your strategies. If fundraising is the name of the game for you, then check out these 4 trends to expect for spring 2021 fundraising campaigns from Top Nonprofits.

  • Emphasizing Mobile Giving. Just about anything we do on desktop can be done on mobile. Marketers know the importance of reaching people where they are, and many people are on-the-go. Mobile giving allows convenience since people don’t need to wait until they’re back home or at their desk to give. Ensure your website is optimized for a flawless mobile experience or else your follow-through on mobile giving will dwindle.
  • Appealing to Younger Donors. Are you targeting Gen Z within your fundraising campaigns? Right now, Gen Z is made up of people aged 10 – 25. The older segment of this generation tends to advocate for social causes and things they believe in more than their counterparts of other generations. Include this segment in your campaigns and consider fun, socially-distanced events they can attend to learn more about your organization.
  • Revisit Your Corporate Partnerships. Many organizations are keen to align themselves with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. When someone makes a donation, they may not know about their employer’s CSR initiatives. This could include a donation match or a volunteer grant program. Both of these programs would offer added incentives for employees to donate and volunteer, so encourage your donors to check for these initiatives before donating.

Keep going for #4.


How many unread texts do you have on your phone? How does that compare to unread emails? For many, a text is simply a better attention grabber. This would explain the overall disparity between the open rates of texts vs emails. While you’re preparing for your next fundraising campaign, consider MobileCause for its text-to-donate capabilities.

With MobileCause, donors can text your organization a short code to initiate a donation. Then, a gift can be completed via the link automatically sent to the giver. MobileCause also allows you to create peer-to-peer campaigns, host virtual events, and it gives you all the reporting you need to measure your campaign effectiveness.


Is Kevin Bacon on your email list? That would be pretty cool.

If Kevin isn’t on your list, perhaps there’s someone on your list who knows someone with a friend whose second cousin went to school with a person who knows a barista that served Kevin Bacon a latte. It’s quite the story.

Supposedly we’re all within six degrees of separation from everybody. That means with an awesome email referral tool like Scalemail, you can spark the referral chain that lands Kevin Bacon in your email list.

Need we say more?

March Madness Super Fan

Many of us missed out on some of our favorite events in 2020. It was for the greater good, but it was hard to let them go. Luckily, things are looking up this year so we’ll just have to be twice as excited.

Uber Eats brings us a March Madness-themed ad with Leslie Jones and Leslie Jones. It’s the past and present colliding and bringing double the madness to the month of March. 2020 Leslie Jones was a mess, but then again, who wasn’t?

Ads from the Past

1947, Wilson & Co.

“Today it’s important to be present, be relevant and add value.”

Nick Besbeas


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