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plus – in-house concerts, a measuring tool, and less plastic.

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Must Have Elements for Your Welcome Email

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess you’re using email marketing in some form or fashion. Go you!

Today, we’re taking a look at how you’re welcoming new subscribers (aka subs).

Welcome emails are important, very important. So important that they garner an average open rate of 34% according to several studies.

Here are a few ways to make sure your welcome email is on point.

  1. Timeliness: To combat short attention spans, send your welcome email out immediately after someone subscribes. Your email service provider (ESP) should have an automation feature that will send the welcome email automatically after someone subscribes.
  2. A Clear Subject Line: To avoid confusion from the get-go, consider using the word ‘Welcome’ in your welcome email subject line.
  3. Use Personalization: A reader is 26% more likely to open your email if you personalize it. Do this by capturing their first name on your email submission form.
  4. Guide Your New Subscriber: If you’re successful in getting an open on your welcome email, it’s imperative to direct the reader on next steps. It could be as simple as linking to your best content or offering them a free ‘get started’ guide.
  5. Ask For a Follow: Here’s an easy one. Include a link(s) to your social media channels.
  6. Deliverability: Nothing worse than ending up in spam. Consider including a one-liner in your email that prompts the user to mark you as a ‘safe contact.’

Measure Anything

If you’re like us, you wear a lot of hats on the job.

Sometimes, you need to know the size of an image or element on a website…(and quickly).

If that’s you, say hi to your new best friend; PixelSnap.

PixelSnap 2 is a macOS app that makes it super easy to measure anything on your screen.

Say Goodbye to Plastic

Good marketers know how to use timeliness in their campaigns. Ya, we’re looking at you SodaStream.

In their latest ad spot, Game of Thrones actors say goodbye to the show and plastic bottles.

Check it out.

Ads from the Past

Hush Puppies. 1980. That escalated quickly.


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