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Remarket Like a Boss

Is remarketing in your marketing plan? Heck yes, it is.

Let’s spend a couple of minutes discussing how to maximize your remarketing returns.

  1. Is it Quality Traffic? In with the good, out with the bad. If you’re not getting quality traffic to your site or content, your remarketing campaigns won’t be successful. It’s that simple.Take a look at the following in your site analytics…Sources, Landing pages, Ad Campaigns, Keywords, etc. Keep an eye out for any glaring data. It could be a simple targeting tweak.
  2. Analyze and Segment: Now that you’re checking out your site analytics, let’s start to break it down and segment target audiences.Here are a couple of ways to do it…-Segment folks that show intent through page visits. Ie: pricing, items added to cart, etc.-Segment from content specific pages. Are you targeting business owners on LinkedIn with a particular piece of content? Retarget them with something similar.
  3. Think Big: Don’t confine your thought process to display remarketing only. There are plenty of channels to expand your remarketing efforts to; YouTube, paid social, shopping, paid search, etc. When you think bigger, you’ll be able to bid more aggressively and hopefully drive more action.

Instant Feedback

We haven’t had the chance to use this yet, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Maybe you need some instant feedback or you want to run a poll. Enter VideoAsk by Typeform.

This widget allows you to answer customer questions and feedback on the fly through a quick video recording. Hit that ‘try now’ button for a quick demo.

We See You

5 badass women ‘Sparking Progress’ in London. Yep. Converse for the win.

Ads from the Past

Get that pop pop tingle! Canada Dry, 1968.


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