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What The B2B?🤔

B2B marketing strategies to try plus really good news.

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10 B2B Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Presence

We aren’t going to dilly dally today. Motley Fool Company delivers insights on the best marketing practices for your business to business brand. There are lots to cover and little space to do it. Ready to dig in?

Before getting into the strategies, let’s turn toward what should be considered before developing one.

  • Clearly define your offer. This will help shape your tactics, messaging, and channel outreach.
  • Position your offer in the market by learning what your audience values. Is there value in just getting the job done or will your audience look for product satisfaction and exceptional customer service?
  • Get to know your target audience’s pain points from the inside out.
  • Identify your strengths over a competitors to guide messaging, channels, and engagement tactics.

Now, to those strategies:

  1. Niche-focused perspectives. Providing a specialized solution and unique experience for your prospects is critical to successful B2B marketing. Take advantage of blogging, speaking events, webinars, or podcasts to develop yourself as a thought leader. Then share your content on social to boost awareness and coverage.
  2. Have a dynamic website. Add consistent and relevant value to returning customers by utilizing landing pages that speak to a specific audience segment, offer a special promotion, or publish new content. TIP: Optimize for mobile, always!
  3. On-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization. Maximize SEO efforts and help prospects discover you in their search for solutions. Give plug-in tools (Yoast on WordPress) a try to optimize all content that appears on your site.
  4. Social media for lead generation and engagement. Social platforms offer the chance to join discussions, follow your target audience, share your solutions and gain more prospects. Do it by regularly publish valuable content and manage your reputation by addressing comments asap.

There are ten total strategies. Click over to read the whole shabang.

Social Mention

Monitoring what people are saying about your brand across several platforms and responding in a timely fashion is one heck of a task.

How can one reasonably stay on top of online publicity? Reputation management tools like Social Mention are a great fit for that kind of issue. Social Mention does the monitoring work for you, compiles a list, and sets comparative metrics:

  • Strength: measures activity in keywords or keyword phrases in the form of likes, comments, and shares.
  • Sentiment: offers an idea of the overall attitude (positive versus negative) of the posts.
  • Passion: When people repeatedly discuss your keywords.
  • Reach: measures the number of people who are exposed to your search keyword or brand.

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“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”

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