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Time to Revisit Your Professional Bio 🥱

Here’s the thing about professional bios: no one likes writing them and no one likes reading them. Your bio is meant to introduce and represent you to your colleagues and clients, but it often reduces you to a sleepy list of jobs and skills and organizations. Inject some humanity into your professional bio with some personal trivia—and if you can’t think of a fun fact on the fly, here’s thirteen prompts to get you started:

  1. Your childhood.
  2. Your dream occupation.
  3. Your first car.
  4. Your hidden talents.
  5. Your proudest accomplishments.
  6. What you learned from your biggest mistake.
  7. The most unusual item in your office.
  8. Your favorite sports team.
  9. Your pet.
  10. Your guilty pleasure.
  11. Your high school yearbook superlative.
  12. Your best friend.
  13. What’s on your bucket list.

Check out the full post on Entrepreneur for more inspiration on the professional bio.

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Drew Barrymore for Pluto TV

Fun With Tropes

Free streaming service Pluto TV has made Drew Barrymore the (adorable) face of its new global brand campaign: “Stream now. Pay never.”

In a series of video spots, Drew dramatically acts out classic cinematic tropes, starting with the rom-com “meet cute.” The takeaway? Pluto TV has a dedicated channel just for romance… and just about anything else you love. (And if you have commitment issues, don’t worry. It’s free!)

Ads from the Past

1900, Kodak


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