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What’s Even Reel?

Is Insta trolling us or what?

Be in The Know

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🥤 Dr. Pepper has tied with Pepsi as the second most popular soda brand.

✋ Planned Parenthood has brought back the “Bans Off Our Bodies” slogan ahead of elections.

📣 Here are the product highlights from Google Marketing Live 2024.

🤝 Chart: Nearly 4 in 10 ecommerce marketers use AI for customer service and support.

▶️ Facebook and Instagram are officially video platforms.

🌞 LG created a social video playlist that will help heal your depressing algorithm.

➡️ Threads has implemented a side-swiping feature to signal interest (or disinterest) in a post.

Adobe Generative Fill Prompt: “A wireframe of a paper soda cup.”

Instagram’s Current Advice Re: Reel Distribution

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Instagram wants you to “stop crying over reach and followers” and simply follow their confusing and sometimes contradictory tips for success on the platform. Let’s break down the latest.

According to IG, here’s what helps drive Reels distribution:

  • Authentic engagement. That is, you’ll be penalized for explicitly asking for likes, shares, or comments (like “leave this emoji in the comments!”). Do marketing automation tools like ManyChat count? We don’t exactly know yet.
  • Upload the highest resolution and keep it clear of third-party watermarks.
  • Post your Reel at the same time that you post on TikTok or Shorts.
  • IG appears to be encouraging Reels over 90 seconds, but they won’t be recommended in Explore or in the Reels tab. So if you’re aiming to drive reach, keep it shorter.

Read Social Media Today’s post on IG’s mixed messaging.

Q for You

Have you tested Reels over 90 seconds long?

New Google Chrome Feature for Android Users

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FYI: Google Chrome Android users can now transition between native app and web content via Minimized Custom Tabs, which streamline the usually clunky in-app web browsing UX via a compact, picture-in-picture window.


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Mike's Amazing x Jason Alexander

Never Order Diner Tilapia

Condiment brand Mike’s Amazing has 8 new celebrity endorsers and they’re all Jason Alexander.

In two new spots for the “When It’s On, It’s On” campaign, the Seinfeld star plays everyone in a diner from the waitress to the line cook to the patrons and, naturally, himself.

He really shows his range here, and honestly? It’s just nice to see George snug in a booth again.

Ads from the Past

Dr. Pepper 1961

Dr. Pepper, 1961


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