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What’s Good?

No really, what is good and what is bad for conversion rates?

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50 Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Page Statistics and Trends

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization and it is the to-go metric to focus on when you want an increase in leads and to create a structured approach towards your potential customers.

UserGuiding put together a big ol’ list of the latest stats and trends when it comes to CRO, so we wanted to share some that we found interesting:

  • Half of all companies say that CRO is one of the most crucial parts of their digital marketing strategy.
  • A HubSpot experiment found that end-of-post banner ads only contributed to 6% of the leads produced by blog articles.
  • According to Search Engine Land, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%.
  • The top 10% of landing pages have a conversion rate of around 11.45%.
  • Desktop conversion rates are higher at 4.14% while this rate drops to 1.53% for mobile phone conversion.
  • Pages that rank #1 on Google SERPs have a click-through rate close to 30%.
  • 80% of blog readers don’t read past the first heading.
  • Pop-up boxes on your blog can help you enlarge your subscriber list by 1375%.
  • Blog posts that provide any form of templates convert 240% more than others.
  • Using images and other visuals of real people instead of stock images helps to increase the conversion rate by 35%.
  • Having ”submit” on the button can lower your conversions by 3%.
  • Making landing pages interactive by adding video marketing content or an interactive modal can increase the conversion rate by 86%.
  • Reducing the number of form fields from 11 to 4 can increase the conversions by 120%

Check out the full UserGuiding blog post for all 50 stats!

Q for You

Which types of conversion rates are most important to you?


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The Chicken Cheat

How far would you go to cheat the system? If something is that finger lickin’ good…you may just go to some identity theft lengths. KFC South Africa released an ad based on true story about a fake quality assurance inspector. The phony went around getting free samples from different KFC locations, leaving behind his “review” in the form of a little origami chicken. That’s gotta be one of the greatest heists of the century, right?

Ads from the Past

1967, Philco


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