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When Things Just Click

Email clicks in a post-iOS 15 world, food news, and the perils of roadside TikToks.

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How to Optimize Messages for Clicks in a Post-iOS 15 World

With updates like the iOS 15 release straying from tracking email opens, marketers have to shift gears. Focusing on how to improve your clicks and CTR is the best way you can keep your email campaigns successful. Omnisend put together some advice on their “Opens are Dead” blog series.

Here are 6 ways to improve CTR

  1. Add interactive elements: Encourage recipients to actively engage with your email with something different. This works especially well if you give readers an incentive. Some email platforms offer scratch cards, reveals, or other games either within an email or through a landing page.
  2. Ask questions: Most people can’t resist answering a question in quizzes or opinions. Make sure your questions are clear and you give them an effortless way to answer. Wanna build it into your email system? Scalemail Polls can help ya with that for more engagement with your emails.
  3. Include recommendations: Product recommendations are great when they are highly relevant to a reader. The level of personalization in product recommendations is critical here.
  4. Insert social proof: User-generated content is a powerful thing because it’s real people sharing your brand/product/service. Previewing social media UGC, product reviews, and testimonials with the option to see more of the pridtcs being reviewed encourages a click journey.
  5. Ask for product reviews: Back to answering questions, people love to share opinions. Asking for a review in your emails can prompt your customer to click through and participate in sharing their thoughts.
  6. Improve your design templates: Every now and again, you should be reviewing the visual journey your email design creates. Design elements should to draw recipients’ attention to specific CTAs.

Check out their full post for real email examples.

Q for You

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TikTok can feel like the Wild West especially when you see TikTok challenges actually being done in the wild. All State’s recurring character, Mayhem, is now a TikToker.

“This is going to get tens of tens of views.” We felt that.

Ads from the Past

1941, Pan American Coffee Bureau

“The one thing that separates your website from a user is a click. Fail to get clicks, and you fail to get traffic.”

Sam Oh


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