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How to Use LinkedIn’s Competitor Analytics Dashboard

If you’re not using LinkedIn’s Competitor Analytics Dashboard to identify growth opportunities for your company pages, you’re missing out. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Choose Competitors to Follow. Add your list of up to 9 relevant competitor businesses—at your level or beyond—to the dashboard.
  2. Compare Audience Size and Growth Rate. Use follower metrics to quickly identify which competitor is growing fastest and where you fit in the mix.
  3. Reverse-Engineer Page Growth. Do some digging to discover the driver behind a page’s growth by visiting the company page, scrolling its top-ranked posts, viewing its ads, and browsing its associated thought leaders.
  4. Check Competitor Highlights. This panel shows two metrics: total posts and engagement rate, giving you a percentage for how you compared to competition.
  5. Compare Organic Content Metrics. See how your company page compares to others in terms of reactions, comments, and reposts across time periods.
  6. Review Competitor Content. Take note of the content on a competitor’s page, such as the type, post format, and call to action on their top posts. Read the comments for customer sentiment and company responses.
  7. Chart Competitor Analytics Over Time. Export data from the dashboard to track and report on growth over an extended period of time.

For an in-depth guide to analyzing your competitors on LinkedIn, visit Social Media Examiner.

Q for You

“Inserts,” or the ads slipped into packages, are having a renaissance. Have you explored this channel?


ROUX’s AI-powered social ad management tool allows you to automate and optimize your ad performance on Facebook and Instagram to save time and improve performance. ROUX provides intelligent targeting and budget allocation, multichannel analytics, asset management, and KPI tracking, too.

We're Aligned

Speaking of competition… when was the last time you had a team of experts take a look at your brand health, perform in-depth audits, and revisit the old SWOT analysis?

Reach out to the marketers at Carney for a recalibration.

Popeye's Chicken Hotline

Toll-Free Chicken

The 90s called. Toll-free hotlines are back.

Popeyes Singapore launched a real hotline for consumers to call and complain about their personal problems. In return, they each get a free six-piece pack of nugs. The concept is part absurd, part heartwarming—and it’s kind of a good deal.

Ads from the Past

Avon 1975

Avon, 1975


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