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PR-Focused Link Building

It’s SEO Monday folks.

Today, we’re talking about link building. If you aren’t familiar, allow us to explain.

Link building is the practice of promoting your website to other websites with the primary goal of securing a link on their site to your page.

Link building can feel like an uphill grind at times.

Below are 4 tips on how to simplify link building for PR from the legend, Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz).

  1. Identify some of your site’s unique attributes: These are things like the type of company you are, the background of your founders, what your customer focus is, etc. Take some time and create a list of different attribute combinations.
  2. Find 5-10 others that share your attributes: Once you’ve defined your company attributes, it’s time to dig in with some research. For example…you’re a startup in Pittsburgh, PA. Head to Google and type in ‘Startups in Pittsburgh.’
  3. Find publications that have covered/amplified others like you: We’re continuing with our ‘Startups in Pittsburgh’ Google search example. Once you’ve found a few startups in Pittsburgh, you’ll want to search again for said startups. For example, we noticed NanoGrip Tech as a Pittsburgh startup. They had coverage in Forbes, Pittsburgh Business Times, and more. These are your link opportunities. Easy, right?
  4. Rinse and Repeat: The best part about this process is that it only requires your brain and Google search. It’s 100% free.

Alright, get your link on.

Emoji Life

Find, copy and paste all of the emojis with ease.

It’s as simple as that. Head over to Emojim to make emoji life easier. 👍

Never Stop Winning

Shortly after the U.S. Women’s World Cup victory over the Netherlands, Nike released a new ad titled “Never Stop Winning.”

“This team wins. Everyone wins. Victory is when we all win. It’s only crazy until you do it.”

We dig.

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