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Did you read that in an Owen Wilson voice?

7 Habits of Highly Effective Content Marketers

Let’s step back from all this action for a sec. Day in and day out, we knowledge bomb your inbox. You learn what we learn. And we become one serious group of killer, innovative marketers.

We’re not talkin’ FB’s latest update or hacks on content marketing today. The crew behind Orbit Media is breaking down positive habits marketers can make to become more efficient! Leggo…

1) Prioritize yo self. Introducing the Eisenhower Box! This useful little chart just made our to-do list look like child’s play.

Here’s the new way to organize your day-to-day. Picture a two-by-two matrix and its categories look like this:

  • Urgent/Important – Do Now!
  • Not Urgent/Important – Schedule it.
  • Urgent/Not important – Delegate someone to do it.
  • Not urgent/Not important – Let it go.

2) Maximize your inbox. Anyone else spend a few hours each morning responding/sending emails? Yeah, that’s part of the job needs to go away. Pronto.

For a cleaner, happier inbox – here’s what you gotta do right now:

  • Unsubscribe from 20 newsletters you aren’t reading (but not us).
  • Use AI filtering tool like SaneBox or Mailstrom to keep things from hitting your inbox (please sir, not TDC).
  • Use Calendly to avoid back-and-forth scheduling emails.
  • Got Gmail? Multiple inboxes is a nifty trick to move mail into different boxes depending on how you “rate” them.

3) Capture every idea quickly. You know those moments at work when you and the team are feverishly trying to innovate? Y’all are throwing out ideas but nothing has the Owen Wilson “wow” effect. Then when you’re at home eating pumpkin pie ice cream, it hits you!

You can’t wait to share with your team, but the Bachelorette comes back on and by the time the roses come out, you completely forget your eureka moment.

Thankfully, Orbit Media has a handy solution. Google Sheets! It can’t get easier. Tab #1 should be everything you ever wrote. Tab #2 are new topics. The Topics tab should include partially developed articles. Things like potential titles, notes, and a link to the rough draft.

There are 4 (+bonus) more habits to make your job easier. Read this. Now 👇

Marketing Lessons from the Top SaaS Companies of 2018

We all like learning from the best, right? Forbes recently put a list together of the top SaaS companies in the world. Drift, a conversational marketing company, took that list and examined what those companies were doing when it came to marketing/sales.

They looked at the tools, tactics, and trends of those top 100 SaaS companies. Here’s what they found…

What tools are the top 100 using?
Google Tag Manager came in as the top tool used by marketing teams. It’s used by 90% of those companies (if you’re not familiar with Tag Manager, get on board). Believe it or not, Tag Manager is more popular than Google Analytics.

The thing here to remember is that no matter how many “cool” marketing tools are out there, it’s still important to understand your analytics.

After Tag Manager and Google Analytics, other popular tools are Facebook ads, Wistia, Drift, and Twitter (which is surprisingly more popular than LinkedIn).

Is the top 100 using gated content to capture leads?
Not really. Only 27% of the top companies are putting their content behind gates. Most of them are focused on creating amazing brands, rather than identifying individual leads from gated content.

Take Slack and MailChimp as examples. You’ve probably heard of both of them, maybe even read some of their content. You know what you’ve never done? Entered your email to download content from them.

Website chat is on the rise.
In 2017, only 15% of the top companies used live chat on their websites. In 2018, that number has more than doubled to 32%. We’ve been banging the chat drum for a while, it might be time for you to jump on that train if you wanna keep up with the Joneses.

Video is blowing up.
90% of the top companies are investing in video content. That’s up from 34% a year ago. If you’re not already investing in video content, you should probably start.

Plenty more to learn from Drift on this one. Dive in…

One, Ten, One Hundred

Different sort of Watch for you today.

This one isn’t an ad…it’s more of a documentary about an ad. Or really, a documentary about three ads. We’ll explain:

Wistia had this idea. They wanted to know what the difference was between a $1,000 budget for a video ad, a $10,000 budget, and a $100,000 budget.

So, they hired a video production agency, and gave them $111,000 to produce three video ads — one for a thousand bucks, another for $10,000, and a third for a hundred grand.

You can see all three ads here, but the real star of this show is the documentary behind creating these three video ads. The documentary will help you (and maybe your boss) understand that you don’t actually need to break the bank to create some killer videos (although you still might need more than a $10 budget) 👇👇👇

“Today it’s important to be present, be relevant, and add value.”

Nick Besbeas

Ads from the Past

Let’s play a game. This handsome fellow in the pic above has been the face of this brand for over 140 years. Can you guess what brand released this 1899 ad?

Tell us your guess in the Facebook Group! (We’ll share the whole ad in the FB group tomorrow at 3 pm.)


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