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Working the Word of Mouth 🗣

The best ways to get those valuable testimonials and a tool for design feedback you need.

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5 Ways to Ask Customers for Reviews and Testimonials

We all know how powerful reviews, word of mouth, and reputation are to a business. You can scream and shout about your brand all day, but hearing about it from others hits different.

Here are 5 ways to ask your existing customers for reviews so you can gain the trust of new ones:

  1. Send an Email: It’s the number one way to ask for them. Typically it’s a follow-up after the service has been completed.
  2. Ask Via Social Media: Brands often forget to put it all out there on social media. If you’re confident that posting on social media for reviews would get you positive feedback, go for it!
  3. Use your website: Brands will happily post past testimonials on their site, but will forget to ask for new ones. Include a CTA to leave reviews on your services, testiomnials, and contact pages.
  4. Ask on Your Thank You Pages: While most review solicitations are post-purchase, you should still ask for reviews on the customer experience. Put review call outs on thank you pages while it’s fresh in their minds.
  5. Ask in Person: If you have a great relationship going with your client, ask them directly in your next meet up.

Okay, so you got the methods…where do the reviews go? Here are some of the best places to ask customers to leave their reviews:

  • Your own website
  • Third-party review websites
  • Your Google My Business listing
  • Industry platforms and business directories
  • Social media

These are all methods that have been around for ages. But which ones have you forgotten about? Check out the full post by Website Builder Expert for more ideas and examples.

Q for You

Have you ever advertised on Reddit before?


Looking for a quick, digital focus group on your brand? PickFu is a nifty tool that lets you to create polls that allow people to pick between two options.

Ask people their thoughts on:

  • Which visual they find more appealing.
  • What they would be willing to spend certain amounts for a product or service.
  • Which sales copy version is more compelling.

Check it out for your next crowdsourcing or A/B testing.

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Just a stranger on the bus

Cadbury released this ad for its Southeast Asia markets. It’s a short story about sharing kindness and not being so quick to judge someone. It’s a sweet little ad that also makes us crave a chocolate bar.

Ads from the Past

1953, Mennen


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