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Write a Book, It’s Good For You

Using case studies for a content boost plus a web analytics alternative.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Case Studies are Important for Your Brand

In a survey of 121 SaaS marketers, they ranked case studies the #1 most effective marketing tactic to increase sales. That beat out their general website content, SEO, blog posts, and social media!

But it’s not just a piece made for B2B SaaS brands. It’s something every brand can implement for generating leads and traffic or gaining thought-leader clout. Need more convincing to create case studies? Here are the top 4 reasons case studies are important:

  1. They demonstrate your expertise: Case studies are a chance to show off your knowledge in a niche, the results you got for past clients, or just your overall expertise in your general industry. They are also great for standing out amongst competitors that don’t have any.
  2. They can show social proof: Customers love reading what other customers have to say about something before they bought it. So take your best reviews and testimonials and turn them into more advanced UGC.
  3. They can help your sales funnel: If you have a unique product, service, or process, you may need more than a quick 1-2-step to explain it. Help potential customers understand how you meet their needs with real world examples and visual aids in a case study.
  4. They can strengthen customer relationships: It can feel like a big ask for in-depth testimonials or interviews for a case study, but your client may be flattered to help. It shows you value the journey of their project and the outcome.

Case studies can be used for SEO-boosting content,  gated content for collecting leads, and can even end up being shared in a way that gets your brand more recognition. There’s really no downsides to making them! Check out the full post by Uplift Content for more case study deets and their checklist for good ones.

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