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Amazon marketing and AI margaritas.

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How to Market Your Product on Amazon

Do you have an Amazon marketing strategy? Here are 8 ways to market your product on the platform to boost sales and close margins:

  1. Study your competition and their strategies. Browse your competitors’ top-ranked product descriptions, reviews, and Q&A sections to gain valuable insights on what to do (and what not to do).
  2. Set your product’s price. Determine an optimal product price to remain competitive without being underpriced.
  3. Deploy an Amazon SEO strategy. Amazon is more than an e-commerce platform. It’s a search engine. To rank well, optimize your content for discoverability, relevance, and sales by including keywords and relevant information.
  4. Develop an Amazon reviews strategy. Encourage reviews from customers with thank-you notes in shipments or follow-up emails.
  5. Create an Amazon Advertising strategy. Get noticed in Amazon’s SERPs with a Product Display ad, Sponsored Product ad, or Headline Search ad.
  6. Participate in promotions. Join in on Amazon Prime Day with coupons, promo codes, and discounts.
  7. Integrate an Amazon affiliate marketing strategy. Pay a small fee to have your product featured in product round-ups and blogs.
  8. Promote your products and Amazon Store on social media. Share product updates, announce sales and giveaways, and invest in paid social ads.

Read the full scoop at HubSpot.

Q for You

Have you tried Amazon affiliate marketing?


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Shopping Around

ALDI demonstrates that they know their audience with this spot. You love the snacks, the off-brands, and the Aisle of Shame—but when it comes to specialty items like “herring paste,” you have to sneak off to another grocery store. But it’s fine. ALDI knows what it has to offer and is confident you’ll be back.

Ads from the Past

Clairol 1960s

Clairol, 1960s


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