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Be in the Know

  • Twitter is making moves with a new prototype application called “twttr.” The new application will allow a test group of users to try out new designs for conversations. 
  • Never run out of coffee again with ‘Bottomless.’ The concept; an internet connected scale that senses when you need more coffee. Yes, please.

It’s All in the Reviews

Most of us have no problem talking up our product or service. But, can you back it up?

How about letting your customers do the heavy lifting? When it comes to effectiveness, research shows that testimonials take the cake for content marketing.

Here are some other interesting stats:

-78% of people trust reviews as much as recommendations from acquaintances.

-30% of folks suspect some #FakeNewsReviews.

-3-5 testimonials appear to be the sweet spot.

Types of Testimonials:

  1. Quotes: These should be pretty easy to get. Keep them short and sweet. Try to include as much information from the reviewer as possible to show trustworthiness.
  2. Case studies: If you’re a B2B company, you’ve likely been asked for a case study (or a hundred). To create a killer case study, address the problem your client was facing, why they chose you, and what impact you had.
  3. Videos: We’re becoming increasingly visual, so when it comes to believable and impactful testimonials, videos may be your new best friend. Videos allow for potential customers to connect with you in a different way.

Now that you have 3 types of testimonials, it’s time to collect.

Surveys are a great place to start, but you may have to offer some type of incentive to get people engaged.

Or you could simply ask people what they think about your product or service. Alright, free Daily Carnage stickers to the first 10 people who send us some love!

Can You Sign This?

Need a downloadable e-signature in less than 30 seconds?

Here’s your tool: Docsketch.

What we like: It’s free and exports as a .png.

What we don’t like: A stylus doesn’t pop through the screen.


Axos goes after brick-and-mortar banks in its latest campaign. The premise is, “don’t get robbed by your bank.”

Ads from the Past

The early 90s and the rise of the antenna.


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