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You’re Confusing Your Customers

Clarifying your message will change the game for your brand.

Stop Confusing Your Customers

You’re confusing your customers. Seriously. You might think you have a simple product, but chances are you’re not communicating your message as clearly as you could be.

Clarifying your message will change the game for your brand, and that’s what today’s Listen will help you do.

This one is from Story Brand and is an interview with Lee Lefever, author of a great book called the Art of Explanation. Among other things, Lee talks about the importance of actually listening to your customers (you likely aren’t) and how to avoid the curse of knowledge.

Burger King Burned by New Technology

Burger King teamed up with Google for their latest commercial, and did so without Google’s consent.

After an actor recited the phrase, “Okay, Google: What is the Whopper Burger?” the commercial activated audiences’ voice-controlled Google Homes, which then rattled off facts about Burger King’s signature sandwich.

The ad’s success lasted for about three hours. Google shut it down, placing voice restrictions on the commercial’s sound clip, but not before individual users began editing Wikipedia’s description of the Whopper, which lead viewers to immediately hear that The Whopper was made of cyanide. 

Welp, it was innovative while it lasted.

Your SEO Checklist

Cool URL ✓
Rad Website ✓
Killer Content ✓

Let’s go live!

Wait! What about that whole SEO thing…?  Yep, that’s still a thing.

It’s Friday so Moz is going to make this one easy for our tired brains. Today’s Whiteboard Friday includes a very useful SEO Checklist to help you fill in any gaping holes that could be leaking valuable traffic.

Plus: Rand’s hair is on Fleek

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