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you’re gonna like this one…

Be in the Know

  • “Namastay on my mat.” The days of plugging in your Apple devices are coming to an end. Word on the street is that the Apple AirPower mat is going into production. One power mat, multiple devices, winner winner!
  • PSA: Don’t participate in the #BirdBoxChallenge. Despite Netflix pleading to customers not to try the Bird Box Challenge (blindfold yourself and carry on with everyday life), people are still trying the Bird Box Challenge. 🤦🏼‍♀️ A 17-year old actually tried it while driving.

Less Spam, More Inbox

Would you rather try SPAM (the premiere pre-cooked canned meat) or have your emails end up in spam (the electronic trash box)?

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess you’d rather try SPAM. If you’re investing time and energy into your email marketing efforts, you gotta make sure they’re landing in the inbox.

This key metric is called…


Here are 5 things that can seriously hamper your deliverability:

  1. The single opt-in: we could write a whole blog post on the advantages and disadvantages of single and double opt-in. The long and short of it is this: employ the double opt-in. While you’re creating a little more friction on the front-end for the person signing up, the numbers and deliverability will pay off in the long run.
  2. Using a free domain email address: ain’t gonna cut it for your “send from” email address. Get yourself a custom domain email address ASAP. Sorry sammycakes, we still ❤️ you.
  3. Not having an unsubscribe button or link: make your unsubscribe button or link visible. No sense in paying for a list that people don’t wanna be on.
  4. Not maintaining the text-to-image ratio: the folks at Mailchimp recommend an 80/20 rule. 80% text, 20% imagery. Stay in your lane!
  5. Subject lines that trigger spam: there’s a whole list of suggested words you shouldn’t use in your subject lines. Check em’ out here.

If you need some assistance on your next email marketing campaign, hit us up. We kinda have a thing for emails.

Better Deliverability

We’re staying on that deliverability shtick and giving you a 🔥 recommendation. (Woah, we just went all Gary Vee with that 🔥 reference. Sry.)

It’s called Mail-Tester. This website will test the spammyness of your emails by giving you some key data including if you’re authenticated, broken links and what you can improve on. Mail-Tester spits out a score from 1-10. The goal is 10, but if you’re living that 8 or 9 life, kudos to you.

What we like: everything about it

What we don’t like: 0 things


There’s some controversy around Gillette’s newest short film challenging men to be better. The YouTube stats are overwhelmingly skewed to 👎🏼. Give it a watch!

Ads from the Past

We don’t always join Sam’s Club, but when we do it’s because of fresh meats, fruit, produce, and baked goods! Ad from 1991.


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