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You’re invited…

to the best party that may or may not happen.

Be in the Know

  • Wanna hang out? Meet us at Google. Oh, wait, Google is retiring Hangouts. The plan is to move existing customers over to Chat and Meet. Don’t worry, you have til’ 2020.
  • Munchery closes its doors. The on-demand delivery service opened in 2010 and raised over $125 million bucks. Operations ceased on Monday.

The Best SEO Advice

Ah, the ever-changing landscape of SEO. We all want to rank, but what’s the best / most efficient use of our time? The folks at Search Engine Journal sat down with 21 experts to get their “best single piece of advice.” There’s some 🔥 stuff here.

Here are our favorites:

  1. “Go beyond the page, beyond the keywords, and look for opportunities to optimize more deeply, and more meaningfully. That’ll create the kinds of signals which Google is looking to rank, and everybody wins.”
    Jono Alderson
  2. “Build your own data-driven insights, test and surprise yourself by what you find.”  –Dawn Anderson
  3. “The secret to doing great SEO is to simply follow your natural curiosity. Asking questions like, “what’s that?” will carry SEO strategy a long way.” –Rhea Drysdale
  4. “Markup, HTTPS, and mobile. If these three things aren’t on your immediate radar, you could easily be passed by competitors.” -Duane Forrester
  5. “Develop an effective strategy before worrying about tactics.” -Jeremy Knauff
  6. “It’s more important to first determine what is working and maximize your efforts.” -Heather Lloyd Martin
  7. Be the answer, solve the problem and be the one that provides the solution for those looking. -Matt Siltala
  8. Make sure your website is crawlable and indexable. -Carolyn Shelby

What the Flux?

We have some late nights writing this here daily email. After looking at a screen all day doing client work, our eyes start to bug out a little bit. We’re not knocking computer glasses, but we think F.lux is a little cooler.

F.lux adjusts your computer screen color to the time of day. ‘Warm at night, sunny during the day.’

What we like: It protects our eyes for free. You can customize F.lux to disable when you’re using Photoshop or other color-dependent programs.

What we don’t like: It doesn’t emit actual vitamin D.

The Fyre Disaster

It’s like the ‘You Pick Two’ from Panera, but in this case, you get two documentaries about the Fyre Festival (the greatest party that never happened).

We personally like the Netflix version better, but Hulu is worth checking out. Either way, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy an epic millennial fail.

Ads from the Past

In 1979, you could basically stock your kitchen for $2 bucks, but if you wanted that ‘Happy Baby Doll’ that would laugh and talk, look out.


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