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The One Secret About Web Traffic No One Is Selling

4 things that will help you build a small, but authentic, audience that will continue to return to your site daily and scale with time.

The Struggle is Real

I’ve read numerous blog articles, listened to hundreds of podcasts, watched tons of webinars, and purchased book after book trying to discover that one secret to start driving a flood of traffic to my website. I’ve checked web statistics with OCD-like frequency and spent hours digging through Google analytics trying to identify specific trends. When traffic didn’t immediately skyrocket I would get discouraged and start to drift down the “I give up!” path.

Have you ever been there?

We All Want The Same Thing

Essentially, we all want the same thing. A targeted audience in our niche market flocking to our site, buying our product, or responding to a call-to-action. And there is no shortage of people that are willing to tell you how to do this.

The One Secret

For instance, a person who is selling a mastermind course on creating a Facebook sales funnel will tell you that Facebook sales funnels are the one secret to gaining traffic. If someone specializes in social media marketing they will most likely tell you that focusing on your social reach is the one secret to gaining traffic. A blogger will give you all the tips in the world about maintaining a successful blog and so on and so fourth.

Here is the one secret that no one is actually selling…THERE IS NO ONE SECRET. The secret to building a quality audience that will loyally visit your site day after day is not one thing, but rather a series of steps executed with consistency over an extended period of time. It may include all of the things I listed above, but it definitely won’t happen overnight using only one single method.

[pull_quote]The one secret that no one is actually selling: there is no one secret.[/pull_quote]

Webinars, mastermind courses, and running Facebook ad campaigns all start to add up. There is nothing worse than spending cash that you don’t have without seeing any lasting results.

Here are 4 things that will help you build a small, but authentic, audience that will continue to return to your site daily and scale with time:

  • Clear Copy Writing: Let the visitor know what you do and how it benefits them immediately. Also provide a compelling call to action (Buy Now, Get A Quote, Start Here)
  • Useful Blog Content: Provide practical information in a language that resonates with the reader. Create headlines that a person can’t resist clicking, and ask readers to engage with comments.
  • Email Capture: Offer a free giveaway in exchange for a person’s email address. This will allow you to send specific blog articles and information of interest to the subscriber on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Consistency: This one takes patience. You will need to make all these steps habits and practice them with regularity if you want to see significant results over time.

The key is to keep your end-goal in mind. It’s most likely going to be a slow process, but when it succeeds, it’s going to be so worth the struggle.


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