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The Daily Carnage: Top 5 Subject Lines with the Best Open Rates

If you couldn’t tell, we love our subject lines. Coming up with a new line every day became a game for our Carnage team. And whenever a SL hits a new open rate record, you best believe there’s some major gloating coming from the original author.

To recap our subject line awesomeness, we gathered the top 5 subject lines with the highest open rates during 2018.

#5 Dare Ya Not to Cry

At the beginning of May, this SL had an open rate of 36.7%. Dare Ya Not to Cry came from the featured Watch. It was one serious tearjerker that we had to warn y’all about and it’s a good thing we did.

#4 The SEO of Hiring

We were pretty pumped about the 37% open rate for this subject line. It was inspired by one of the featured Reads. Bet you never looked at the hiring process the same after reading it. We didn’t.

#3 IFLOP? 

Do y’all remember when IHop became IHob for a hot minute? We are still shaking our heads over IHop’s failed rebrand. Well, that’s where IFlop? came from in case you didn’t already figure it out. This SL got us a 37.8% open rate! 

#2 DrummerRabbit!23

Alright, be honest. How many of y’all made this one of your passwords? DrummerRabbit!23 got the Daily Carnage a whopping 38% open rate. This one was inspired by the featured commercial that shared our pain in forgetting passwords.

#1 Social Media is Social, Media

This SL not only is my personal favorite but still holds our open rate record at 39.3%. It reclaims the purpose of social media. It’s a place to form connections, build loyal relationships, and genuinely understand your customer.

We want to know what made some of you click on these SL’s? So if you’re a Carnage fan and remember these subject lines popping up in your 📥, give us a holler in the FB Group. Let’s chat subject lines!


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