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Just How Worthy are Instagram Pods to Your Social Media Strategy

Are Instagram Pods worth your time? I’m gonna go ahead and say maybe.🤷 It truly depends on your goal. Let me explain.

Jessica Robyn Keyser posted about Instagram Pods in the Carnage FB group and I thought, “whoa, what is this IG Pod?”

I did my research, and crew, I’m skeptical of it’s worth. An IG Pod is a collab effort to like and comment on every single post published by members of the group. All of this effort is to boost engagement.

If you’re looking to increase engagement and encourage genuine comments, then yes, IG Pods could be your solution. Just keep in mind, these Pods can be incredibly time-consuming because you are commenting more than “Love it!” or “Ew, gross!”

Where this master scheme falls short is in the Instagram algorithm. There are 6 key factors measured in Instagram’s algorithm for content to rank highly,

  • Interest – relevant content to one’s interests
  • Timeliness – post recency
  • Relationship – content that you interact with the most
  • Frequency – how often someone opens IG
  • Following – The more accounts you follow (1K+), the less likely you will see every post.  
  • Usage – Short sessions = relevant content first; long sessions = deeper catalog of content

The biggest take away here is that engagement has no factor in IG’s algorithm. So if you’re trying to beat the system, sorry this isn’t going to cut it.

Resource Tip: Whenever I have an Instagram related question I scurry over to Jenn’s Trends, Queen of all things IG!


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