Time's Up - Digital Associate - Carney

Time’s Up – Digital Associate

The Digital Associate will be primarily responsible for assisting the Communications and Digital teams in executing the organization’s digital priorities including content development, social media management, online organizing, community engagement, and data management. The Digital Associate will report to the Digital Director.


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  • Markentum – WordPress Developer

    Maintain well-documented, reusable, and transferrable code
    Manage existing Partner web projects in WordPress
    Develop WordPress websites from scratch (custom designs)
    Proactively perform cross-device testing and optimizations
    Optimize web pages for maximum speed and scalability

  • Jumbleberry – Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

    The Opportunity
    We are looking for a Marketing & Social Media Coordinator who will be responsible for developing and maintaining a content strategy, coordinating and executing marketing campaigns and allocating internal/external resources to marketing projects. If you are a creative and reliable individual who uses good judgment and thinks quickly on your feet, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Virginia Department of Transportation – Multimedia Creative Strategy Manager

    This position will report directly to the Assistant Director of Communications, and will be seen as a pro behind the camera and in front of the editing screen. You will lead our creative team and collaborate with partners and stakeholders statewide. This unique opportunity will meld VDOT’s stories and people into creative products to shape messages for internal audiences, residents and visitors of the Commonwealth. This creative leader will manage VDOT’s multimedia production, photography and creative branding solutions.

  • LegalEase Marketing – Production Graphic Designer

    LegalEase Marketing is looking to hire a remote production graphic designer. This individual will be primarily responsible for creating social media assets and will be tasked to design and edit imagery, some of which will be stock. Additionally, we may require assistance with designing assets for websites and blog articles. These needs are for both our internal branding as well as our clients.

    Candidates are required to have their own computer or tablet. However, we are willing to cover any software costs. Hours are flexible. As long as you get things done, we don’t care if you do the bulk of your work at 2 AM instead of 2 PM. We are located in Orlando, FL, but this position is open to both local and national candidates.

    Who We Are Looking For:

    You pride yourself in your high quality work and attention to detail.
    You enjoy helping people.
    You are well organized and a self-starter.
    You want to work in a supportive, warm, friendly work environment, even if digitally.
    You are tech-savvy.
    You are a joy to work with, a team player, and you have a sense of humor.
    You enjoy problem solving and working independently.
    You are constantly learning new skills and up on current trends.
    You know how to balance speed and quality of work.
    You are aware of the balance between artistry and what the client wants.
    You not only enjoy ideation and creative collaboration, but you execute on ideas.

    Who We Are:

    LegalEase Marketing is a marketing agency based in Orlando, FL, focused on helping law firms across the country.
    We are a client-focused agency. We endeavor to (1) empower our clients to set reasonable goals and (2) execute on the plan required to meet their goals while (3) explaining to our clients, in clear language, every step of the process so that they stay informed and are encouraged to continue moving their firm forward in their best interests.
    We take a lot of pride in the results we achieve for clients and in our work product.
    We enjoy working and supporting each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re a block away from our office in Orlando or three time zones away. We always have each other’s backs and remain transparent.
    We treat everybody with respect and dignity.
    Employees are encouraged to network, build community connections, and promote their personal brand.
    We are always open to implementing innovations to our systems to increase our efficiency and provide an even better service to our clients (and make our lives easier.)

    How to Apply:

    Email [email protected] the following:

    In the body of your email, please explain

    why you wish to leave what you are doing now to come work at LegalEase Marketing;
    where you see yourself professionally in five years;
    your phone number and the dates/times you are available for an initial informal phone interview; and
    what organizations or groups you are involved in (if any), and;
    your salary expectations.
    Please attach to your email your (a) resume, (b) portfolio, and (c) two references.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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