MissFits - Carney
  • MissFits will close
    the wage gap.
  • MissFits can challenge
    the status quo.
  • MissFits lead the
    C-Suite meetings.
  • MissFits build strength
    from community.
  • MissFits get sh*t done.
  • MissFits work in tandem
    with male counterparts.
  • MissFits trust
    our own voice.
  • MissFits go beyond the boundaries.
  • MissFits find comfort
    outside the comfort zone.
  • MissFits hustle for success.
  • MissFits lift
    each other up.

We are self-proclaimed rebels
hustling for our careers.

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Our Mission

MissFits is a supportive community that celebrates the professional evolution of women in the workplace, highlights real experiences so more women can reach higher career feats, and creates a comfortable atmosphere to grow with our counterparts.

One day…
A female CEO won’t be headline news. It will be the norm.

eBook Sneak Peek

  • Maggie Chan Jones

    Maggie Chan Jones Founder of Tenshey

    To the aspiring marketer…

    “Know that you can make a difference in the world. Look for things that truly matter to you (your passion) and go for it.”

  • Ann Handley

    Ann Handley CCO of Marketing Profs

    To stay motivated…

    “Read read read. Read real books. It doesn’t matter which. Just don’t waste your precious hours on this earth scrolling Instagram.”

  • Victoria Ekwenuke

    Victoria Ekwenuke Global Brand Manager of Ebay

    To the individual afraid to fail…

    “If you’re not failing, you’re not growing/learning. Failure is a prerequisite for growth.”

  • Sofiya Deva

    Sofiya Deva VP of Marketing at Zen Media

    To make that money…

    “1) Train yourself to look for the untapped opportunity, 2) Get really good at organizing resources, and 3) Lead people, with an abundance mindset.”

  • Tara Hunt

    Tara Hunt CEO at Truly

    To get your work noticed…

    “Don’t assume that others will recognize what you’ve done. You need to tell your story. I’ve always approached this through offering helpful lessons. It accomplishes both “tooting my own horn” without sounding like I’m bragging and it also helps others around me.”


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