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Stop Thinking Like an Employee (& Invest In Yourself)

Most poster-people for success have a bloody backstory and come from places far from the traditional path to success.

The Real Work Starts After 5

You can say it’s natural talent or that success hinges largely on the hand you have been dealt. The truth is, most poster-people for success have a bloody backstory and come from places far from the traditional path to success.

[pull_quote author=”Kevin Durant”]Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.[/pull_quote]

We all make choices, and a simple choice I made a long time ago was to stop thinking like an employee regardless of how insignificant my position or job titled seemed at the moment.

From laying under a school bus in the middle of winter as a diesel mechanic to filing endless stacks of paper in a medical records office (feeling like I was dying from a million paper cuts).

What I learned:

The time between 5 pm and midnight — when the majority of employees head to the bar to complain about the latest office antics — is when the biggest opportunities exist.

  • Dive into the books, podcasts, and blog articles of the those who have paved the way (Seth Godin, Steve Jobs, etc.).
  • Learn how to use new software or experiment on emerging social platforms.
  • Sharpen your copywriting.
  • Start reaching out and connecting with people that matter.

Adding to your skillset over time is like adding arrows to your quiver and bolstering your arsenal of value.

One may argue that this kind of extra effort often goes unnoticed by your superiors (and that it’s more about who you know). Keep in mind we’re not talking about looking good in front of your boss or pleasing your co-workers, but, rather, starting to think like a business-owner or even a CEO.

Why you have a shot: 

People inside large organizations get comfortable with the information they consumed 15 years ago.

Next time a project requires knowledge about the current marketing landscape, you’ll be in a position to execute faster and with better results than your peers.

In fact, this was the inspiration behind The Daily Carnage newsletter our Marketing Team created.

We curate a daily round-up of the best marketing content available, giving our readers — not to mention ourselves — the upper hand in the game. Whether you’re an intern or an office assistant, tapping into resources like these can easily place you ahead of the pack.

How to Add Value When You Feel Undervalued:

  1. Don’t compartmentalize your position. Look at the big picture and learn how the marketplace works.
  2. Take the blame and make it better. Maybe it “wasn’t your fault.” Suck it up and outperform yourself. This is part of your training.
  3. Make decisions as if you owned the company.
  4. Start a side project that allows you to discover new tactics. Invest in yourself and it will pay off!
  5. Sign up for The Daily Carnage to sharpen your arrows.

Strive to be the leader of the pack, even if it feels like nothing actually matters. Go the extra mile when nobody is looking. You’ll be surprised at how far you can go.


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