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Sesame Street, Coca-Cola, Earth Day, and more.

Do Ya Know?

The NYT Crossword has been an institution itself since 1942. What year was the NYT Mini Crossword introduced?

Top Posts of The Week

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🚫 Breaking: U.S. has approved the TikTok “ban.” Here are the details.

🟩 NYT is basically a gaming company now.

🍪 Sesame Street created over 200 GIFs and stickers for your use.

👍 These are the top 30 social media influencers worldwide.

📱 Infographic: This is the average screen time by country.

🔗 Google confirms that links are not really that important.

♻️ Coca-Cola crushed its logo for a recycling campaign. Plus, you can download the SoundZ to create your own melody out of  the “phsst, fizz, clink, glug, ahhh” of Coke.

What We Learned

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Monday: Yes, webinars should be part of your content strategy. No, you don’t have to burn yourself out keeping the calendar full. Tracey Wallace has sketched out a more sustainable, quarterly approach to webinars.

Tuesday: B2B buyers don’t care about your product. They do care about job security. Here’s how to speak to their anxiety.

Wednesday: Data suggests that people are more likely to trust and follow AI recommendations when they understand them. If you’re providing AI or algorithm-based recommendations to customers, make sure to explain the logic behind the reco.

Thursday: To create an effective homepage, you need to be clear about what your product is and does, and who it is for. Unfortunately, as companies grow in size, message clarity often deteriorates. Anthony Pierri has identified the four main bad habits that lead to this breakdown in clarity.

Carnage Connections

Can you solve this puzzle?

Carnage Connections #6

The Conversation

Tiff asked, “Has anyone ever encountered the issue of their site being flagged as spam on Pinterest?”

Laura asked, “I now see templates & popular music like Taylor Swift & Alicia keys, etc. available on my business pages. Anyone use them with no issue of copyright or removal?”

Jaime asked, “Tis the season of trade shows {sigh}. What are some fun, in-booth experiences you’ve offered to conference attendees to drive engagement and act as a nice conversation starter?”

Chelsea asked, “Anybody have experience with Reddit Ads?”

Pocket Stats

Here’s what we learned about The Daily Carnage community this week:

  • 32% of marketers are working on incorporating webinars into their content strategy; 31% are already off to the races; and 30% aren’t currently using this tactic.
  • 51% of marketers did not run any comms related to Earth Day this year.
  • Just 9% of marketers plan to test TikTok’s new capacity for 30:00 videos.
  • 61% of marketers aren’t using Threads for brands yet, while 11% are posting multiple times daily. It might be worth a second look; the platform has more daily users than X now.

For You

TDC TikTok Animal Ad CampaignsThis week on TikTok (we’re going down with the ship), we covered the Salvador Dali chatbot, the damned Meta glitch, vegan turtle soup, the WWE chair phone, the new Uber Eats short-form video feed, and tons more. Lots of info, a few good dunks, and one very tiny mic.





Spritzy Americano


  • 5 oz seltzer water
  • 2 oz espresso
  • 2 oz fresh orange juice
  • 2 2” strips of orange peel
  • 1½ oz. of amaro

Spritzy Americano


  1. Pour room temperature seltzer over ice.
  2. Add espresso, then orange juice, then amaro.
  3. Peel and bend strips of orange peel over the drink, rub them gently along the rim of the glass, and then slide them into the drink along the side of the glass.

Recipe by Bon Appetit


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Ads from the Past

Sesame Street, 1978

Sesame Street, 1978

Did Ya Know?

Answer: 2014.

The 5×5 puzzle was introduced shortly after the NYT Games app, and it was met with some pooh-poohing from Crossword traditionalists for its use of Internet slang. Here’s a mini history of the mini crossword.


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