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Mistakes, crappy marketers, & bad Tinder dates. Yeah, we got it all today.

The Habits of Successful Marketers

Did you wake up this morning and decide you wanted to be a crappy marketer? Probably not. We’re guessing you’re like us, you want to be a great marketer. You want to be a CMO of a cool company, a freelancer making $20,000 per project, or a marketer who goes on a speaking tour.

Whatever your career goals are, you’re probably paying attention to the great marketers in your industry, trying to be like them. Obviously wearing their clothes and getting your hair cut like them isn’t going to help you be more like them. So what can you actually do? Well, look at the soft skills that they all have in common.

And, good news, our friends over at Buffer have already done the hard work for us. All the deets are below:

  • (02:08) Creativity comes naturally to some people, but if you aren’t creative, you can still learn that skill.
  • (03:04) Great marketers are obsessed with their craft, which is closely related to passion. They’re always talking about it, learning about it, and practicing it.
  • (04:17) The second skill great marketers have is that they are really good at being uncomfortable and they push through failure. As a marketer, that means you’re doing and trying things you’re afraid of.
  • (05:47) “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” – Calvin Coolidge [Tweet This Quote].
  • (05:59) Great marketers make a habit of connecting with other talented people. They actively seek advice from others.
  • (08:33) Another trait of great marketers is that they’re confident. But, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.
  • (09:33) Does this sound familiar? People who are the most competent tend to underestimate themselves, while the least competent tend to overestimate themselves.
  • (10:05) If you want to be a great leader and marketer, you need to know where you fall.

5 SEO Mistakes That Are Costing You Organic Traffic (& How To Fix Them)

“How important are backlinks, really? What about on-page SEO and site architecture? LSI?” If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions or wondered, “What in tarnation is LSI?” then come on down to today’s Read. 

The folks at Fieldbloom are serving up the answers, courtesy of John Doherty’s expertise. He’s the CEO and founder of Credo, a site that matches businesses with verified, reputable SEO and digital marketing providers. They asked him to share some of the common misconceptions he sees in SEO practices, plus how to fix them.

Let’s take a look:

1) Does Link Building Matter?
Misconception: Social media has replaced the need for link building.
Reality: Link building is still the #1 factor in your Google rankings.

So, how do you earn those quality backlinks? Create master articles on subjects people care about and leverage subject authority! More on these tips in today’s Read.

2) Usage Metrics: How Important Is Bounce Rate?
Misconception: Shaving milliseconds off your bounce rate will boost SEO.
Reality: Usage metrics matter, but not as much as you’d think.

If you worry about your bounce rates before settling on a solid SEO foundation, you’re gonna have a bad time. John recommends focusing on the basics—like building pages with long-tail keywords and making sure those keywords are being used by your target audience.

3) What’s the Deal with On-page SEO?
Misconception: On-page SEO doesn’t matter/you can’t optimize it enough to increase traffic.
Reality: It’s nuanced, but on-page SEO factors do matter.

Basically, some “on-page” SEO techniques really don’t matter, but others do. Here are some that John believes are worthwhile: (1) Internal linking, (2) Good site architecture/navigation, and (3) Proper use of HTML and headers. Basically, make sure those Google bots can crawl your site and feature your content.

Okay…before we go overboard here, we’re leaving the rest up to the article below. Dive in and make a splash with your newfound organic reach!

Start Something Epic

When you think of Tinder, you typically don’t think of an epic, fiery love story. You probably think of awkward first-dates and regrettable decisions.

But, Tinder is turning up the heat on that notion and trying to reinvent themselves in India as a place to find love, rather than a superficial dating app.

Their newest ad by BBH India features a young woman dancing through the streets of India. As she dances along, she meets a number of guys willing to dance with her. She “swipes left” on the ones who don’t mesh with her vibe, and “swipes right” on the guys whose dance style she digs.

At the end of the 90-second ad, she eventually finds the one.

“Two volatile people can produce great advertising — or maybe just blood on the wall. You have to mix it up and see what happens.”

Phyllis Robinson

Ads from the Past


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