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Poked Ya πŸ‘‰

Poke is back. Plus, how to TikTok audit.

Be in The Know

πŸͺž AI-generated deepfakes are threatening brand safety.

πŸͺ„ What is “the Netflix effect?”

πŸ‘‰ Facebook “Poke” is back, but for how long?

πŸ‘» Snap has launched Sponsored AR Filters as a new ad option.

How to Conduct a TikTok Audit

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In true SMM fashion, we’re forging boldly ahead despite ban threats. πŸ’ͺ

TikTok isn’t such a new frontier anymore. It’s time to check in and audit your performance. Here’s how:

  1. Do some profile housekeeping. Create consistent branding between your profile picture and bio, drive traffic to a relevant page of your website, link your social profiles, pin top-performing posts, and set up playlists.
  2. Audit your followers for engagement and authenticity. Use native analytics or a third-party tool to measure follower growth rate, weed out bot accounts to keep your engagement rate healthy, and identify any influencers engaging with your content for opportunities.
  3. Evaluate your publishing strategy.Β Do carousels or trending filters perform well? What video length is optimal? Does your audience respond well to memes? Promotional content? How do trending sounds perform? What’s your publishing cadence and how is it affecting growth?
  4. Analyze competitor strategies and positioning. Identify 3 to 5 competitors. How many followers and likes do they have? How often and what do they publish
  5. Synthesize your findings.Β TikTok performance can illuminate more than just your social strategy. Highlight key findings in a deck and share anecdotes with cross-functional partners and leadership.

Check out SproutSocial for the whole scoop.

Q for You

Which Snapchat ad format performs the best for you?

New Linktree Features

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Is your Linktree in need of a trim?

The startup recently released a “Featured” layout to help your links stand out with a thumbnail or content preview from YouTube, TikTok, Spotify and Instagram; plus a relevant CTA.

Other updates include the ability to fetch up to 6 of your latest IG posts and Reels, more prominent profile pictures in your page’s color scheme, and text links.

Are You For Cereal?

Surreal, a deeply unserious cereal brand, is making a splash by eschewing expensive celebrity endorsements and getting regular people with famous names (Michael Jordan, Dwane Johnson, Serena Williams) to vouch for the product.

Surreal Cereal

The audacious campaign went viral on social and even sparked some legal scrutiny, which Surreal breezily responded to in good humor. A bowl full of brand awareness FTW.

Thanks to John for sharing this with The Daily Carnage Facebook group.

Ads from the Past

Hormel, 1943

Hormel, 1943


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